Friday, April 30, 2010

Donna! You are the winner of the prize. Please e-mail your mailing info to
Welcome To the Cross Country Road Trip Blog Hoppers! So happy you have joined us. Hope you’re having a great National Scrapbook Day.

We are asking you to create a layout (all paper, all digital, or hybrid) about a trip to anywhere in the 50 United States to be entered in a drawing for a prize. Check out all the blogs and you'll get a surprise half way through the hop. Some bloggers will run their own separate drawings on each of their blogs, so don't forget to leave a comment.

Once you've visited all the blogs and have created your layout, return to to post your layout. The last day for layouts is May 15th at 11:59pm.

The grand prize drawing is My Mind's Eye LUSH minibook with papers and Unleashing The Creative Child Within You by Avital of Creativity Prompt, one of the participating bloggers.

Here’s my layout to celebrate our journey.

Blog Hop Order
5. (instructional video)
11 Post your layout over at

Before you continue on your way, please leave a comment. I will do a random drawing on May 18, for the prize pictured above, from all who comment on this "road stop" by May 15 at 11:59pm PST.

Happy trails!

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Thursday, April 29, 2010

All About the Light

I was fretting a bit this morning. I always make these commitments that I probably ought not to make. I hate deadlines and always have regrets when deadlines come and I’m overwhelmed. Today, though, I had a driveway moment. Don’t those moments happen a lot on NPR? Especially on Fresh Air with Terry Gross. Sean Hayes who is currently on Broadway in Promises! Promises! said the following:
“It’s fun to kind of push your boundaries and see if you can do things that have scared you a little bit your whole life.” Terry questioned this and he replied “ That’s what life is about though, isn’t it? Isn’t it about getting out of your comfort zone, getting off the couch, challenging yourself, and forcing yourself to do things you wouldn’t otherwise do. Otherwise, what are you living for?”
Terry Gross, of course, replied “Comfort.”
OK, I guess, I do normally like the comfort bit. Especially, as I look at physical comfort as well as emotional and the physical kind rather escapes me these days.
The reason I discuss this is because I somehow got myself into this blog hop. Now, I love giving things away and writing is not usually a problem but sometimes LO’s are a challenge for me. I’ve been struggling a bit and I really need to have it done today. The photos and basic page LO are done. Embellishing to tell my story is my current challenge.
I guess I ought to get to it. Speaking of challenges, I’ve been neglecting my photographs using the rain as an excuse. I find photography more challenging without the sun. It is all about light, isn’t it?

Monday, April 26, 2010

Paperclipping Roundtable Comments

It seems so often that my best writing shows up on other folks blogs where I leave comments. So, today I'm posting a reply I sent as a response to a recent Paperclipping Rountable. If you are a scrapbooker and have not checked out these podcasts, I'd recommend you visit this site. It's a free download at i-tunes and a very entertaining program for the scrapbook audience.

As always my mind just buzzes after hearing a roundtable! Wonderful topics. Some fun stuff too. Loved your very correctly accented pronounciation of "Minnesota", Noell. I'm one of those rare folk who like bumpers (though maybe not 70's porn music?) Izzy's "doesn't know anything" bit is a very good contribution to the show. He really gets the panelists to explain some things that those of us who've been around scrapbooking for a few years do know but that newbies and nonscrapbookers would be puzzled about.I love the humor on the show and do not see anything mean. In fact, when something does come up that perhaps someone might perceive as mean you folks are always good about reassurring folk there's no personal hurt intended. Love the timely discussion of brain implanted memory chips. My newspaper, the Sacramento Bee, just had an article on the ethics involved in these not so very futuristic technologies like chips in the brain. Gives you pause to think of these being removed at a person's death and re-implanted into another. Gives new meaning to "living memories" doesn't it? Found the discussion on social media very interesting, too. Interesting about the LOC keeping tweets. I reviewed mine and while a lot are replies or about scrapbooking, find too many about my health and food. Of course, my health has been a problem recently and are we surprised that I or most Americans might be obsessed with food? Wonder if someone will report how often that subject comes up? I, obviously, do not filter much in my social media posts. I, too, thought like Cathy Z that my blog posts would feed my scrapbooking and it has turned out just opposite. My blog is a handy place to post my LO's. Perhaps Facebook would be easier for my family but I like that little button on the bottom of Picasa that says Blog. It's such a quick way to start a blog post. Wonder if Picasa will include a FB or twitter button in a future update? Loved this episodes picks of the week. I have a great zoom lens that I love but after this discussion I'm going to get a 50mm lens. The picks of this episode really reflected everyone's passions. Imagine that! Ali and words, Cathy and a digital template, Izzy a lens, Noell a design product, Nancy something to make scrapbooking better and easier not to mention Disney related. Now, who woulda thunk? LOL! Something else (I always have a lot to say, don't I?) I noted recently that relates to a past episode of Paperclipping Roundtable was an ad in National Geographic. It noted that magazine readership in general was up about 11% (as I recall, cannot locate that item right now to check) since the advent of the internet. It discussed how TV did not mean the end of movies, etc. It did note that some media and services did change and evolve with the advent of new technology. Now NG has definitely evolved with the times but the magazine still has a lot to offer. I think Stacy was so right about some limited vision of scrapbooking magazines when her on-line classes idea was rejected. CK seems to be trying to catch up. Makes you wonder if they'll fund photo shoots like NG does by offering exotic vacations with CK photographers. Family vacation to Central Park, Yosemite, 6 Flags, a Caribbean cruise, Hawaii etc. with CK photographers to experience a fun family vacation and learn to take some awesome footage for scrapbookers and video scrapbookers alike! Oh well, must do something around the house today so I'll anxiously await this Thursday's episode and its great food for thought.
Cupcakes have nothing to do with content of the post, except maybe my food obsession. Photo taken at a recent babyshower for a friend. I know my audience and cupcakes are a fave. Blog posts without photos can be a little dull.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Crafty Day!

I finally finished this layout for the Nic Howard BPS class I am taking. Also took Amuse card and copic marker classes at The Paper Garden today. I was so happy to come home and take pain meds! It is just getting so hard on my neck and back to sit. The fun I had with folk made it all worthwhile and the cards were simple, beautiful and fun! I'll post some photos later.
I used my new scrapbook tool called the Diztrezzer on the layout above. I enjoy distressed edges on my paper crafts but it was just too hard to do much manually. This little tool is the bomb! Love how easy it makes this. I feel it was made just for me. And so much less messy, the little bits go into a resevoir on the machine. Great invention Donna Salazar!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Fun LO and another cupcake review

Had fun putting together the LO for a Nic Howard class at BPS. Actually not an assignment but I got this fun kit from Scarlet Lime and just saw it as perfect for this a scraplift of a class illustration. Aren't those the cutest smiles on Miss B & Miss M!
Have not made it back to Esther's to recheck those cupcakes but happened to look up as I was about to cross the street from Pilates and found Babycakes. Yum! Moist and delicious cakes with good tasting frosting. Priced at $2.50 a cupcake or $27 for a dozen. Not all varieties available every day. I am doing the Pilates as physical therapy for my neck and knees - with wonderful results for my knee and learning new ways to move to compensate for some of the problems from my neck. Time To Be Fit is my Pilates place and it's great. I think it has been helpful in getting rid of some fat pounds, too. Hmmm, now that I've discovered the delicious cupcake place around the corner from TTBF, will I be able to continue progess on the battle of the bulge?
Personal message for May. You saw the title. If you have read this far, please forget about the cupcake place until next month. Plan a nice trip to the zoo in Sac so you'll have a good long walk with the girls before you take a trip over to check out the cupcakes. Then enjoy!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Most recent LO and Plant photos

Not quick at doing these creative things and not yet a daily blogger butget things done. Taking a class with Nic Howard and having fun with inks and papers. Love documenting a fun evening in Spain last year.
Photos are from an area of our sun room. Cal has some seedinglings under a grow light and they look so cute as they grow. Just like little kids.
The orchids are so very interesting. I love the patterns and colors. Keeping them alive and growing will be my challenge!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Scrapbooking is fun!

Way behind in homework for a class but the lessons are interesting and the instructor, Nic Howard, is adamant that this is Fun! and we are never "behind" even when we are, LOL! It is fun, though. I had a blast making this LO even though it took me forever. Got to use old stuff which is always great.

I have been enjoying our recent lovely weather. I wish it was here for good. A storm is going to come in tomorrow, which is typical spring, though not my idea of a great day.

We've had some fun visits with family recently. I have found I cannot sit for an entire family meal. My arm and neck give me trouble. It's not a major problem; but, easier to deal with at home where I can tidy a little then sit down again. Just hope it's not making folks feel like they need to rush through the meal!

National scrapbook day is coming up and I'm spending time with two special friends in the Bay area. Getting very excited! Ms. Jackie and Diane are a lot of fun. The question is what to do when I'm there and having problems. Thinking of bringing an exercise mat to lie down on. Hope there's room for that (maybe under the table?) Of course, there are Starbucks runs! I can always go to my hotel room for a nap, too. The pleasure of the company of my buddies and making new friends is going to be the best part of everything. I like to get things done at crops but I never do nearly as much as I think I will. I usually throw everything together at the last moment, too. This time I'll plan a little and see how that goes.

A photo class at BPS has us taking a new photo each day. One day we had to find a picture from last year (easy day). We had gone to a conference in Hawaii last year and I took a lot of photos. Going through them, I found this little treasure. Love the colors!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Picture Spring! 4-7-2010, 4-8-2010

Top photos are of water collars around tomato plants in garden. I was looking for water sparkle and thought these two shots did that. More flowers for a pastel palette assignment.
Today the assignment is everyday object. Rather broad area; still it's a challenge to find something beautiful in the ordinary. Water collars might fill that bill but have used them already.
Getting my stuff back on this computer. Made sure, first thing, that my adequate virus protection was properly installed on the computer!
I'm vowing to find time to scrapbook today. I've tried all week and something has always come up.

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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Featured Student

Another photo of garden flowers.
News! Yes, I'm the featured student of the month at Big Picture Scrapbooking. What a fun surprise to find when I opened the site this evening.
Makes up for the major computer crash today. I now have the arduous task of re-installing everything!
It was one way to clean up that e-mail inbox, LOL!!!
(Not one I wish to repeat!)
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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Picture Spring! 4-6-2010

Today's prompt was a self portrait. This was good cause I set up my tripod and learned to use the self timer on my camera. Lots of fun goofy shots but liked this one of me at my computer. Lots of fun colors in my hair today! Wonderful day in Sacramento today.
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Monday, April 5, 2010

Picture Spring 4-5-2010

The photo of the blossoms with the insect shot from a low angle is the one I chose for today. Not that it's the BEST picture but I liked finding the insect in my waist height shot.
I've added a few more photos from today. Actually, got a LOT that I liked.

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Esther's Cupcakes Sacramento, CA A Review

New shop in town. Esther's Cupcakes. Love the looks and packaging. A little overcooked but fairly solid recipes. Nice frosting. Think some tweaking needs to be done. Owner admitted to not being happy with caramel on caramel macchiato cupcake today. Location not ideal at Fulton and Fair Oaks Blvd. since next to a tea and coffee shop with exclusion rights. I'd love a place that served cupcakes and dessert along with hot tea - ideally even port and sherry. I was advised that there will be cold beverages available at Esther's.
Prices seemed a little high. In Puyallup, WA the other day bought 1 dozen similar size but better baked cupcakes for $20. A half dozen at Esther's today cost $16.
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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Picture Spring! 4-4-2010

I'm taking a class at BPS called Picture Spring! I've been taking the photos. With travel and all I've not been posting these; either to my blog or to my class site. Not great photography but taking the time each day to look for an image of spring. Today's is these mums. I like the ghostly feel of the background trees in this. The top photo s another option. Of course, hot cross buns are another Spring/Easter image I had to capture.
Very overcast day. In fact, it's storming now with lightening and thunder.

The other photos are below. I've a few other special ones not class related that I'll try to add.

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Picture Spring! 4-3-2010

Did not make any new Pysanky this year. This is a photo of some past creations.

Picture Spring! 4-2-2010

This little gathering of Easter decorations poutside my great-aunt Jeanne's rooms seemed like a very sweet sign of spring.
Photos above Jeanne, Karen and Jeanne.

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Montreal - A Girdled Porcupine (reflections on a reunion in 2013)

Forty years, unbelievable and yet, a reality; that it's been that long since I graduated from McGill with my M.D.;C.M. and a l...