Sunday, September 22, 2013

Pocket Page Scrapbooking

 Now here's a trend that I have been slow to embrace, Project Life (Becky Higgins phrase and products) or Pocket Page scrapbook pages.
I was challenged in a class at Big Picture classes to scrap an event using this technique. I found these photos of Amanda and a dance recital and went for it. I found some WRMK divided page protectors in my stash and the photos made me think of a collection paper pad from Jenni Bowlin.
I found it very challenging and expensive. Even using my stash, the reprinting of the photos used a lot of ink and paper. 
I think the result is fine and I'm likely going to try this again. I actually think pages that include several disparate photos might be easier for this technique.
I like the idea of journal cards. They let me use my Adobe Illustrator skills!
Some thoughts I had on the process:

Difficult. Event was a dance recital with terrible pictures (poorly lit room, back light, camera phone and red construction posts in background). Not sure where program is. Difficult to think of what to journal.
I found I thought of all the pockets as separate but coordinated pages, a bit like a mini album. Easier when photos could work together like the triptych on bottom of page.
I wanted each page to stand somewhat on it's own but also, like a two page LO to work with the other side. I think if it had not been a single event I would not have felt so compelled. I had chosen my paper because of the colors of the costumes and because that rose paper turned horizontal reminded me of the roses in the mouths of the dancers on my first page.

So, enjoy and do post comments about what you do and do not like about pocket page scrapping or why you have never tried it.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Teddy Bear Museums

 Korea is the place for Teddy Bear enthusiasts. While there are a lot of museums in the world that feature Teddy Bears, there are only 13 devoted solely to Teddy Bears (according to the info I got in Korea). Google has not been helpful on this matter; so, I'm going with that as fact. Korea has eight of these teddy Bear Museums!
I toured Jeju with a family of four and the kids were teens with no passion for the bears. Needless to say, while I went by the one on Jeju Island I did not visit the Teddy Bear Museum there.
However, Seoul was a different matter. My women physician friends from the USA were open to all sorts of adventures. Since we had already got to the N Seoul Tower, with a Teddy Bear Museum at its base, we were going to make it a fairly complete experience with a whirlwind tour.
I loved the historical scenes and famous characters displayed at the museum and would encourage anyone who visits Korea to drop by a museum.
Korean people are warm and friendly and have a delightful sense of humor. It's no wonder they have embraced the All-American Teddy Bear with their own unique flair!
Here's a tour for you. From historical events to pop culture - the Teddy Bear stars in the presentation of Korea.

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