Sunday, February 28, 2010

Am I the one?

Paperclipping Roundtable has a contest to see what non-industry paper artist could contribute to the show. I LOVE scrapbooking and always have something to say; so, I may be that individual. My only relationship to the industry is a consumer and a fan. No scrapbook income, just LOTS of financial out-go.
I have learned a little about art and Scrapbook design but have never taken more than one actual art class, have never been published, nor have I ever been on a design team. BTW - Noell is a great design teacher (I LOVE Paperclipping Live). I also have taken a number of classes at
I do have a concern about this contest; in that, a written response is required. I think this is fine if one was asked to write an article but not to audition for a radio spot. Don’t you agree?
I made an audio file but have encountered technical difficulties. I’ll need to record tomorrow.

Audition Audio File

Audition Transcript:

Hi, Noell. I’m Karen Poirier-Brode a non-industry scrapbooker. For this audition, I’ve chosen to discuss my scrapbook process, a recent paperclipping roundtable discussion topic. Unlike the artists you included on the show, I rarely use a photo or story as my starting point. I have thousands of photos and a talent for conversation. Frankly, I feel I can tell a story about anything.
I often start with an inspiration layout I’ve found on-line or in a scrapbook magazine (these magazines are unfortunately a dwindling resource). Sure, I sometimes do a straight scrap-lift. Though, I must admit, I ALWAYS tinker. What I usually do, though, is to start looking through my supplies, photos, etc. –with my inspiration in mind.
For example, I found a page I liked. It was a love story. The background was red and featured a photo of a father and his daughter embellished with hearts and ribbon. I was attracted to it because of a paint technique on the page. I also REALLY liked the basic design. As I rummaged my stash, I found a cool photo, shaped paper, and embellishments …Voila! the creative moment! My version of the layout is green, purple and blue and features a story about a restaurant in Ghana in the middle of a crocodile pond. No paint technique, not a story about love; but, the placement of the photo, ribbon and embellishments are similar in design to my inspiration and it’s a layout I like!
Hope you enjoy my process. Thanks for the chance to contribute to the show.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Finish Line Scrapbooking - Minibook Madness I

First part of another minibook I did recently. More follows.
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Minibook Madness II

This is part 2 of the minibook I completed this past week. It features our trip north to visit family.
Got started at the Craft Supershow in Anaheim at Stacy Julian's class "Finish Line Scrapbooking". Had to leave the class to join the Fiskars Garden Party (appropriately attired as the Fiskateer rapper "Ladydoc", may I add). However, Stacy has the class on her blog so I was able to pick up where I left off in SoCal. I appreciate the in-person parts of the class I attended as they added so much to my understanding of the project. At least I think it did, as I am very happy with how this turned out!
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My Valentine's Minibook

Gave this to Cal for Valentine's Day. Used a kit from Scarlet Lime and added designed some matching inside left pages. It was fun to put together. Loved using the SEI "Juliette" paper and the Kaiser Craft wooden book. It was a fun weekend! This minibook captures a bit of it.
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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

My Valentine's Day gift from Cal. We went to Ports and Chocolates at the Old Sugar Mill in Clarksburg yesterday. I'm not much of an alcohol drinker but I do like port when I have some. Cal bought these small bottles and the box of Valentine's truffles. Great chocolate from the chocolate shop right next door to us in Town and Country Village shopping center. Never went in there - now that we know how good the chocolate is I guess we'll have to stop by! Their web site also mentions European style gelato. Yum!!
We also had a decadent early dinner at Leatherby's. Probably do not have to eat for a week. The free rootbeer float had glacial sized amount of vanilla ice cream. Hmmm, must be the delightful warm weather this weekend that has me obsessed with ice cream?
Beautiful day! Spent the morning with Joe, Cathy and Amanda. Had a fun breakfast at Denny's. They brought us a pretty red tulip plant. The daffodils and apricot trees are blooming and we still have some pretty camellia flowers. I think I should post a few photos on FB.
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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Another LSS closing

Went to the SuperBowl Crop at Green Tangerines today. Feeling sad that they lost their lease this past Monday and will be closed the end of this month. They will still have the kit club and maintain their blog for now. We do have a few scrapbook stores in Elk Grove and Stockton but not as large and complete as GT was.
The other stores are farther away, too.
They had just placed some yummy orders from CHA, too. I was looking forward to all that new stuff. I always like to touch and see new products so despite everything being available on-line, it's not the same. M and J are good for some basics but who doesn't love those special companies.
The Paper Garden Boutique is not scrapbooks - but the cards and craft projects are wonderful and the classes great so I'll be directing more attention there. It's a fun place!
Not that I need more STUFF, LOL!!!!
I know I'm not alone in the "stuff" arena. It does take a lot to keep it all organized and I'm just starting to really get things in order around here. Funny how it is when work and sleep consume most all your time that a lot of other stuff slips. So even with a wonky left arm, I'm feeling like some progress is happening around the house. Have managed to create a few scrapbook pages and considering trying some of the delicious techniques like metal, clay and encaustic art that I tried out at CHA.
I read about the anacronym REST the other day - retired except for student teaching and feel that my sadness about not working is lifting. I'm happy to maintain that one professional role and have new life areas to explore. Still have some deadlines in my life but creativity seems a nice bit of life to explore.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Note top papers

I just loved the travel papers by Scrapbook customs but look at those timely papers in the top row!
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Love the Twilight designs
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Mosaic Tiles for Paper

One of my favorite things at CHA was the mosaic tiles for paper I discovered at the Harmonie booth.
Harmonie is a Canadian company form Laval, Quebec. Their website is
Not sure why the .ca doesn't turn blue?
This is a sample showing the tiles on a page.
Love this idea!
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One goodie from CHA

And just what are these? you ask.
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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Happy Couple at the Engagement Party

Chris was grilling up a storm at the wonderful engagement party hosted by Mona and Norm, Laurel's parents. Looking forward to the wedding this fall.
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Goofy and Me

Well, never made it to Disneyland but did visit Goofy when went to dinner my last night in Anaheim.
Busy at home and still trying to digest the entire CHA/Supershow experience.
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