Sunday, December 4, 2011

At the CA International Marathon

 Yes, sore, tired and slightly hung over we still made the annual tradition of viewing the marathon. A little later than we ought to have got there but we were around to encourage those running the 3:45 to 5 hour paces. Gosh! I can hardly walk a block. Have to admire those folks who are at mile 20 when we see them. Well done, marathoners.

The Crocker Ball 2011

 Had a lovely evening celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Crocker Ball last evening. Chris and Laurel attended with Cal and I. Everything was beautiful and well done with only a couple of exceptions. The meat served with dinner a little tough, though getting beef tenders done perfectly for hundreds likely near to impossible. Likewise the coffee. Tasty but not consistently hot. The menu was delicious with those minor exceptions. The mini chocolate caramel creme brulees were exquisite! All the courses were a feast for the eyes as well.
 The music was good for dancing but way too loud. I mean, dangerously so. I do not mind loud music but the level was near criminal. My ears are still ringing and Cal experienced a lot of ear pain last night because of the noise. Really, the decibel level should have been checked. Nonetheless, it was a beautiful evening. I'm rather sore today but have to say it was worth it.

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