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Short Weekend

Should have planned to take MLK day off. On the other hand, a holiday work day after a one day weekend might be OK, but I'm coming down with a cold - so we shall see.
I could have spent today doing things at home but the sales were good and with only one day off I felt like SHOPPING! I actually hate it when I HAVE to shop but days like this it is THERAPY!
My DH teases me and says I have so much inventory he thinks I'll be setting a neon sign out front soon. I confess, I'm a collector. However, I'd never get much done if I had to dream up a page and then go shopping!
I think I'll post some of my favorite pages I've done in the past 12 months. I tried the BPS LOAD class with a page a day. I did a lot but my life is too crazy fior continuing that pace!
I actually may crank out a lot of pages this week. Am feeling INSPIRED!

What's Happening Now

I'm enrolled in too many classes at BPS (BigPicturescrapbooking) though I'm enjoying them all. I started off the first week of a layout a day (get a LOAD of this class) just great but I haven't even posted all of them and I cannot keep up if I want to participate in the others - and I do!
I think I'll post some of my work from these classes as well as a few old LO's that I love.
I encourage folk to sign up for the free class from Tena Sprenger at BPS- the Book a Month club. It's a nice community to participate with if you love reading.
I note the first comment on my blog - Thanks!

New Year's Day 2008 Scrapbooking

Yes! Spent much of the day at My Green Tangerines in Rocklin. Got one page of Xmas done and a few others started. Made twin minibooks of Gemma and my girl's day out adventure earlier this month at Nordstrom's.


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