Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Back to Blogging

I've just not been in the mood to blog. Possibly since I've not been much in the mood to craft. This blog is a way for me to keep track of my creative efforts and some of my family events.
However, I did attend CHA as a volunteer with Charity Wings (though I don't really do much because of my physical limitations, though I do have fun!) and I did write a blog post to document the activities of the volunteers. You can find it here at http://charitywingsnews.blogspot.com/
It was nice to see many of my friends. I didn't take a lot of photos but here a a few of my friends. More, of course, can be seen on that other blog post and then I must make my apologies to all the friends who didn't make it into photos. Yes, Ken, I know you stalk my blog and I should have a photo with you! And, apologies to all the other folk that I was so happy to greet at CHA.

I figured if I could write a few words for Charity Wings, I could write a few here.
Hope you enjoy the spring photos I've included. I always love to get pictures with creatures in them. Always great to see bees in the yard with all the fruit trees Cal has in our yard.
I did have a lovely time visiting with Elena after CHA. We ate yummy food and went to cool places like Urban Barn and to one of her book clubs,

So, it's back to blogging. That's a good thing. The creative wheels are turning, too. I'll try and get a few photos up in the next few weeks. 

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