Sunday, September 11, 2016


It's been mad, wonderful and scary in my life right now.
Healing from my surgery is coming along but had me exhausted. I had to get ready for a trip to Europe and fatigue made that tough. The travel happened, nonetheless. I did not get the last episode of The Digiscrap Geek Podcast edited before I left. It is done now and sent to Christy for posting.
The trip was fabulous! Got a cold the last two days of the journey which laid me flat on our return. Then allergies set in and now Cal is home finally from the convalescent hospital and continues to recover from emergency surgery. School has started; and, while that is fun, may I say I'm a bit stressed?
I have plans for a new podcast, but with everything going on, I'm delaying those plans.
Thus, the title of this blog entry!
The flight to Europe was long but better than I had anticipated. Travel always makes my neck problem flare. The incisions were not much of a problem; likely, because of the forced limited mobility.
Air travel is difficult in these times, but there are no realistic options when you need to get a third of the way around the world. Cal flew business/first class but still hated the flying.
I attended the Medical Women International triennial congress in Vienna, Austria as one of the US delegates. It was a good meeting. The best part is seeing old friends and making new ones.
We explored the area around the University of Vienna, founded in 1365.) Cal was not up to much walking, and I was busy with meetings. We knew we'd be back; so, limited exploration was okay. As it turns out, the area we were at was not part of our subsequent trip, though we drove past and the tour guides referenced it. I'm glad we explored that little corner, it's beautiful. The conference organizers bused us to two splendid evening dinner events, so we saw some of the larger city on those trips. The University itself is fascinating, and I loved the busts of famous scientists lining the corridors of the courtyard arcade. Maybe we'll see some women scientists featured in the next 600 plus years? Votive church nearby is beautiful, and Cafe Landtmann (Freud's favorite) is as good as the guidebooks say.
After the meeting, Cal and I took the train to Budapest, Hungary to board a Viking longboat for a 15-day river cruise on the Danube, Main and Rhine rivers. Viking does a spectacular job. I have a tip for anyone contemplating one of these cruises. If you want one of the add-on excursions, book it on-line before the trip. You can sign up on board, but if fewer than 15 people sign up for the add-on, the add-on may be canceled. If you book on-line, even if you are the only one who wants that add-on, the cruise line will honor the excursion.
So, of course, you want to see photos! I will include a few with these notes and I will try to add small posts about parts of the trip over the next few weeks. There is still a lot going on at our house; so, we shall see.

Cal near Votive Church

Interior Votive Church

MWIA Congress

University of Vienna

Cafe/Pastry shop near the meeting

More photos Votive Church

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