Picture Spring! 4-4-2010

I'm taking a class at BPS called Picture Spring! I've been taking the photos. With travel and all I've not been posting these; either to my blog or to my class site. Not great photography but taking the time each day to look for an image of spring. Today's is these mums. I like the ghostly feel of the background trees in this. The top photo s another option. Of course, hot cross buns are another Spring/Easter image I had to capture.
Very overcast day. In fact, it's storming now with lightening and thunder.

The other photos are below. I've a few other special ones not class related that I'll try to add.

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1 comment:

Bev said...

your photos are lovely...and the hot cross buns??? they look divine, that photo is good enough for a food ad!
enjoy your day...

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