Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Here is a page I created with elements found at

I learned about Epson from Leah's site. You can connect to her by the link at right to Leah's Desktop Dictionary.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Bountiful Harvest

Here is DH Cal with a big box of pears. In the poolhouse/tool shed are many more! These are only about a third of the harvest.
Now, Poirier is Pear tree in French. Perhaps it is not surprising that I have a particular affinity for the fruit of the tree that shares my name!
Yummy, delightful days ahead.
Pear tart, anyone?

Here is the final LO I did last night. "Baker's Dozen" BPS class. I recommend taking the class if it is offered again!

Here are two other LO's I did last night at the My Green Tangerines crop. Another BPS class assignment. Cal thinks I need to make a brown snail body as it is obvious I modified a ladybug but I may not be so ambitious!

It has been a while since I uploaded any new projects. Last night I was very productive and here is the basic and very easy mini book I made. I think the BPS class Have More Fun has some great ideas. This is one of them. Normally, I hate those mini books where you have to paste all the paper on the chipboard, etc. This mini book is one style I WILL make again!