Saturday, December 29, 2007

After Christmas Thoughts

Very nice holiday. I sometimes wonder why I bother with the fuss of the tree decorating, the meal, etc. Gosh! Work alone is exhausting without adding the fuss. Then I sit back and look at the tree, my Xmas Barbies (more on that later), and the stockings hung and say "My, this is nice". Then the family gathers - usually the 2 Joes and this year Chris and #2 son Joe's family. We eat goodies and share presents. #6 son, Joe, was late Xmas morning and I felt terrible later because I yelled at him for being late - since he did help when he got here and had helped the night before and then I also found out he had stayed up practising the song he played for us on his electric guitar. He rolls with the punches though and said it was a nice Xmas. I think everyone liked the books I gave with the money bookmarks. It was funny when I mixed up Austin and Amanda's books (of course, I did not have time to put tags on). 2Joe did get a picture of that I think.
As to the Barbies - I collect angel and Christmas Barbie dolls and set them up on the table behind the sofa every Xmas. I'll post photos when I get my holiday scrapbook pages done.
Joe and I actually got the German pancakes made with very little fuss. Cal made splendid Eggs Benedict and the mimosas were OK even though the champagne was not the best. (Joe and Cathy brought me a nice bottle for my birthday - I intend to have that on New Year's Eve. Though I rarely drink I do enjoy champagne when I do!) No one but me had any yogurt, though the veggies and dip almost got finished up. We did have chocolate too.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

A little gift for my youngest grandkids

Took a class at Scrapbook Station in Sacramento and made this little gift for my youngest grandkids and their parents.

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