A Stab at Art!

I have posted these on Facebook and have decided they probably deserve a blog post. I have kept to my two blogs a month pledge. However, two blog posts in a short span of time is not what I was aiming for, really. One of the things that has kept me busy is my attempts at art. Clearly, I am just a beginner. I do like how some of this has turned out and have discovered a few mediums I want to explore more. It's just slow going. The first collage photo shows my photo and my first pencil and pen sketches and a charcoal based on the first pencil sketch.
I then redid the pencil sketch and kept the ink and went on to ink wash, Conte crayon, watercolor, oil pastel, oil pastel with Gamsol and finally a representative abstract using paper and washi tape on an acrylic background. Since I like texture, I'm not sure the last piece is complete. At any rate, I'm pleased with how things have gone. I'm not sure I'll ever be able to complete enough projects to get any good but then that would not be an attitude that fits with my word for the year "Positive". So, just a beginning with hopes for the future evolution and perfection of my work.
Another thing that has kept me busy is the house I bought as a rental. Not that I'm doing anything except make decisions. Decisions can be tiring. It certainly needed a lot of work. I'm glad I got it at a price point that all the work was doable. Wish that had been true for the home I live in. This house is in need of so much too. Although, a lot safer and more livable from the get go. Yes, I'm taking before and after photos of the rental. Have to get over there today to check on the progress. It'll be a few months before I get those pics posted. Remodels take a lot of time. Getting all the folk co-ordinated is a challenge!
Having a lazy morning but must get myself going.

A little P.S. of the hints of spring in our backyard!

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