Sunday, January 18, 2009

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My favorite Blog sites always have some news, friendly tidbits and a real personal feel to them. Mine has become more of a picture posting site these days. This is, in part, because I find it hard to write about my life. I've never thought of myself as a really private person. In general, I've often felt my life is an open book. Lately though, I think that so many things I'm experiencing are almost too personal.
There is much that is good, though. I should share that.
Today is a beautiful day in California. My friend Karen R. has invited me to join a group of women at a knitting shop in Elk Grove this afternoon. It is 20 minutes away from home but there is a nice big Joann's craft store not far away (larger than the one close to me) so I can make it a big adventure.
I am getting the floor of my craft room clear. My 24 year old son has advised me years ago that a cleaned off floor is the first step in making a room seem organized. It is good advice.
I have the ability to buy things and love beautiful stuff. Really, there is much too much stuff! Growing up poor makes it so hard for me to get rid of things that I might be able to use. It's easier to clean out my clothes closet than it is to get rid of scrap supplies. There are so many good homes for my scrap stuff, too!
Scrapbook Royalty does some great charitable work. Fiskateers is a true love and the January "Sock it to Poverty" campaign is fabulous!
Not scrapbook supplies though - SOCKS!
I'm getting a plastic laundry basket today and will label it Sock It To Povery and put it in my office. Cal already got me 20 pairs of socks for my collection. At the end of the month I'll take them to St. Mary's in Stockton so they can give them to the homeless.
Well, this is a newsy post today. I will try to post a photo of my Sock Basket once I get it done!!
Enjoy the photos from Southern Californiaand the Rose Bowl!

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