Esther's Cupcakes Sacramento, CA A Review

New shop in town. Esther's Cupcakes. Love the looks and packaging. A little overcooked but fairly solid recipes. Nice frosting. Think some tweaking needs to be done. Owner admitted to not being happy with caramel on caramel macchiato cupcake today. Location not ideal at Fulton and Fair Oaks Blvd. since next to a tea and coffee shop with exclusion rights. I'd love a place that served cupcakes and dessert along with hot tea - ideally even port and sherry. I was advised that there will be cold beverages available at Esther's.
Prices seemed a little high. In Puyallup, WA the other day bought 1 dozen similar size but better baked cupcakes for $20. A half dozen at Esther's today cost $16.
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May said...

no hot tea or coffee? Bad choice of location for sure. Thanks for the review - I won't be driving out to it any time soon. Being a cupcake snob (hee hee) I expect the sweet treats to be better than my own, and overcooked would be a huge bad on my part. if you go back and they've improved let me know!! Thansk!

Jean said...

Tried Esther's cupcakes yesterday, chocolate and lemon. They were delicious, large, and reasonably priced at $2.75 each. It is wonderful to have this new shop with easy access on Fair Oaks Blvd. Let's support them!

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