Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Time for a New Post

 Hi!  really am committed to this twice a month blogging. It's a reasonable goal and it's fun, too. Sure, there is social media and all the message boards I frequent. Still, writing a brief essay about my life or scrapbooking (or is that one and the same, LOL, is a good exercise.
I've been doing LOAD (Lain Ehmann's layout a day) this month.I've been creating but I do not always complete a layout in one day. My goal though is to have 31 layouts done by the end of the month. Since I post my pages on Flickr, I wonder about posting them all here. Not all the same audience, though, so I think I will post them.

As I wrote in the journal portion of one layout, I looked to LOAD to help me find my style. It's often bold and colorful, at least; and, it often features a mix of patterns and textures. My decorators have described my home as full of texture and ethno-contemporary so I guess these are design patterns in my life.
On occasion I have a 10-15 minute layout that I love - my earrings one for example but usually I like to linger with the process. After all, I keep telling folk - for me this is a fun hobby!
Yet I'm pretty productive even when not doing LOAD. Not to the extent of one a day the rest of the time but   often enough that folk say "now that's a lot of scrapbooking" when they see my albums.
Am I getting better at the art of making pages? I think so, yes. Perfection is not really what it's all about. I'm not making these for magazine layouts, nor to promote a manufacturer. I'm doing this as a way to express myself. I'm complicated, sometimes silly, sometimes sad. I love color, photography and design and I'm learning to love writing. Scrapbooking brings this all together for me.

Still, the weather is getting warmer and I vow to spend more time out of doors this summer. I'm hoping a lot of time in the pool. I love the sensation of weightlessness and the joy of mindless drifting in the water as the sun shines down and birds twitter overhead. So, maybe not so much cutting and gluing this summer. I might do a little scrapbook reading though historical romances and real history lessons are more to my liking for those moments out of the pool as I sit in a lounge chair under an umbrella drinking lemonade. Want to join me?

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Interview on Podcast on National Scrapbook Day. Hooray!

 Yes, I was asked to talk about scrapbooking again! Not hard to do. You know how much I love it. Love it enough to actually participate in Lain Ehmann's Layout a Day, too.
The link to the podcast is here http://thismemorykeeperslife.com/tmkl-episode-no-2-karen-poirier-brode/
My most recent layouts follow. Not very complicated, but fun. The "Earrings" layout is done with scraps. Left over letters (note some are "created" from other letters), papers from my scrap bin and a piece of ribbon. That's what is fun about scrapping - being creative!

I had an expensive day. Needed to get some high performance tires for my car. They gave me a good credit on the ones I purchased last year so I'm not complaining. My car is much happier now and drives like a dream. Apparently silver with black interior 2001 Acura CLS vehicles are much in demand. So, Betsey (a very high maintenance car, in the truest sense) is getting more respect from yours truly.
The dishwasher died so we need to purchase a new one. We got a nice functional Whirlpool, stainless steel in and out, so it's a decent, if not high class, model. I hope to redo the kitchen at some future date and then maybe all matching appliance will be on my list. For now it's function. Cannot have dishwasher hands (well, that would mean I'd been doing dishes. OK, we have not yet resorted to paper plates. Our housekeeper, Kim, was here twice this week so that took the pressure off Cal and me.
Of course, I needed to celebrate NSD with some shopping at Green Tangerines. I got some "pretty stuff" and will probably post about it later this week.
Hope everyone had a great National Scrapbook Day. A great Derby Day, too. Wasn't that a good race? Super Full Moon tonight and Happy Birthday to Adele. Do like her songs.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Participating in LOAD512


Here are my first two layouts for Layout A Day May 2012. Lain Ehmann hosts this project three times a year. I've participated in her class at Big Picture Classes where I actually did a LO a day!
I did join in earlier this year but 'thought' about LO's, didn't actually keep up.
There's no obligation but it is fun to do this. We all have some stories that might never be told without this kind of 'kick in the pants' type of motivation. Not every LO will be a star production but I do have a few fave's from that class at BPC.
It's not the best time, really. I'm Gung Ho on getting the house in good order and spring cleaning. Joe calls a lot and has a lot of needs now that he is in care. Better than when he was living on his own but stressful. 
I'm less stressed about Mom. She seems happier now that she's moved. Victoria is a nice city and so much more interesting to visit than the Okanagan. Now, to relax - the Okanagan is splendid! But, I'm a foodie and like a variety of activities when I travel. More is going on for Mom, too. I think she'll like that.
Right now, what I need to find time to do is scrap my photos of roses. They are just so beautiful!
Here's a glimpse for you.

Happy Spring!

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