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It seems so often that my best writing shows up on other folks blogs where I leave comments. So, today I'm posting a reply I sent as a response to a recent Paperclipping Rountable. If you are a scrapbooker and have not checked out these podcasts, I'd recommend you visit this site. It's a free download at i-tunes and a very entertaining program for the scrapbook audience.

As always my mind just buzzes after hearing a roundtable! Wonderful topics. Some fun stuff too. Loved your very correctly accented pronounciation of "Minnesota", Noell. I'm one of those rare folk who like bumpers (though maybe not 70's porn music?) Izzy's "doesn't know anything" bit is a very good contribution to the show. He really gets the panelists to explain some things that those of us who've been around scrapbooking for a few years do know but that newbies and nonscrapbookers would be puzzled about.I love the humor on the show and do not see anything mean. In fact, when something does come up that perhaps someone might perceive as mean you folks are always good about reassurring folk there's no personal hurt intended. Love the timely discussion of brain implanted memory chips. My newspaper, the Sacramento Bee, just had an article on the ethics involved in these not so very futuristic technologies like chips in the brain. Gives you pause to think of these being removed at a person's death and re-implanted into another. Gives new meaning to "living memories" doesn't it? Found the discussion on social media very interesting, too. Interesting about the LOC keeping tweets. I reviewed mine and while a lot are replies or about scrapbooking, find too many about my health and food. Of course, my health has been a problem recently and are we surprised that I or most Americans might be obsessed with food? Wonder if someone will report how often that subject comes up? I, obviously, do not filter much in my social media posts. I, too, thought like Cathy Z that my blog posts would feed my scrapbooking and it has turned out just opposite. My blog is a handy place to post my LO's. Perhaps Facebook would be easier for my family but I like that little button on the bottom of Picasa that says Blog. It's such a quick way to start a blog post. Wonder if Picasa will include a FB or twitter button in a future update? Loved this episodes picks of the week. I have a great zoom lens that I love but after this discussion I'm going to get a 50mm lens. The picks of this episode really reflected everyone's passions. Imagine that! Ali and words, Cathy and a digital template, Izzy a lens, Noell a design product, Nancy something to make scrapbooking better and easier not to mention Disney related. Now, who woulda thunk? LOL! Something else (I always have a lot to say, don't I?) I noted recently that relates to a past episode of Paperclipping Roundtable was an ad in National Geographic. It noted that magazine readership in general was up about 11% (as I recall, cannot locate that item right now to check) since the advent of the internet. It discussed how TV did not mean the end of movies, etc. It did note that some media and services did change and evolve with the advent of new technology. Now NG has definitely evolved with the times but the magazine still has a lot to offer. I think Stacy was so right about some limited vision of scrapbooking magazines when her on-line classes idea was rejected. CK seems to be trying to catch up. Makes you wonder if they'll fund photo shoots like NG does by offering exotic vacations with CK photographers. Family vacation to Central Park, Yosemite, 6 Flags, a Caribbean cruise, Hawaii etc. with CK photographers to experience a fun family vacation and learn to take some awesome footage for scrapbookers and video scrapbookers alike! Oh well, must do something around the house today so I'll anxiously await this Thursday's episode and its great food for thought.
Cupcakes have nothing to do with content of the post, except maybe my food obsession. Photo taken at a recent babyshower for a friend. I know my audience and cupcakes are a fave. Blog posts without photos can be a little dull.

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