Scrapbooking is fun!

Way behind in homework for a class but the lessons are interesting and the instructor, Nic Howard, is adamant that this is Fun! and we are never "behind" even when we are, LOL! It is fun, though. I had a blast making this LO even though it took me forever. Got to use old stuff which is always great.

I have been enjoying our recent lovely weather. I wish it was here for good. A storm is going to come in tomorrow, which is typical spring, though not my idea of a great day.

We've had some fun visits with family recently. I have found I cannot sit for an entire family meal. My arm and neck give me trouble. It's not a major problem; but, easier to deal with at home where I can tidy a little then sit down again. Just hope it's not making folks feel like they need to rush through the meal!

National scrapbook day is coming up and I'm spending time with two special friends in the Bay area. Getting very excited! Ms. Jackie and Diane are a lot of fun. The question is what to do when I'm there and having problems. Thinking of bringing an exercise mat to lie down on. Hope there's room for that (maybe under the table?) Of course, there are Starbucks runs! I can always go to my hotel room for a nap, too. The pleasure of the company of my buddies and making new friends is going to be the best part of everything. I like to get things done at crops but I never do nearly as much as I think I will. I usually throw everything together at the last moment, too. This time I'll plan a little and see how that goes.

A photo class at BPS has us taking a new photo each day. One day we had to find a picture from last year (easy day). We had gone to a conference in Hawaii last year and I took a lot of photos. Going through them, I found this little treasure. Love the colors!

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