Thursday, August 30, 2012

Educational Challenges

 "What's this?", you say. Ah, I am going to try to take a couple of classes at the Junior College near my home. It may be that I'll drop one. It is certainly physically challenging. I have found myself walking across campus at a quarter of the pace of the young folk walking slowly and it looks like a race between the tortoise and the hare when a young person late for class speeds by me. I also spend an extraordinary amount of time plotting how I am going to decrease the weight of any items I am pulling or carrying. Just even the smallest weight can make my neck flare. Still, where there's a will there may be a way. I may need a scooter, or perhaps a motorized bike?
I really do have a passion for art and since one can make art any way one wants at one's own pace it is a pastime that can fit my life and capture my curiosity.
I admire the students who are taking on course loads with work and family obligations, too. One class best improve with time. The teacher is abrasive, and deliberately so, and the students seem unfocused and less than friendly. The teacher is knowledgeable and has some students who have taken other classes from him so I'm hoping his personality grows on one over time.
The other class has a new teacher who is still developing the class. He has a lot of experience in the field and does seem to have good teaching skills. The students are passionate and friendly. I'm very optimistic.
My limitations are the main thing I'm concerned about; but, we'll see.
I'd love to take more but I must be realistic! I'm hoping there are years ahead to learn. In fact, I think that a life long objective of learning is a worthy goal and one I acquired from my parents. Neither finished high school when young but both took a lot of classes later in life and Mom even got her GED and some junior college classes to become a kindergarten teacher - kindergarten not a part of the regular education system back then, so she did not need a degree.
Finding a life that is possible and fulfilling after being stopped by disability is challenging. I'm not giving up, though. It's the glass half full thing!
Well, enough essay today.
Our winner for the Club Scrap Kit was 'weze" - Louise. Congratulations! Have fun with that!
Stay tuned, there will be one last prize that I will post around Labor Day to finish up a summer of fun give-aways for you dear readers.
Who knows, I may have something interesting to wind up 2012, too!

To end, I wanted to give you another look at Gren Bay since the 49'ers and Packers are meeting this weekend. Oops, technical difficulties in Blogger downloading photos, I'll keep trying.
 Hmmm, afer the tour of Lambeau Field I may have enough interest to at least watch a game. We'll see!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Been Playing Hookie from the Blog

 In fact, I have been busy and away. Fun to have my niece, Danielle visit; though, I did feel I needed to entertain her and did not get much else accomplished.

Then, I went off to Wisconsin for a Club Scrap Retreat. Now, I cannot tell you much, right now, about the retreat. In order for the October Retreat guests and those ordering the "Retreat in a Box" kit to have a lot of fun and excitement I needed to make a "Pinkie Swear" to not divulge any of the details. Let me say for now that it was very fun, extremely friendly and not quite what I expected. I did walk away with some new skills or, more rather, more confidence in my skills. Loved the "stuff", loved the techniques and would be happy to attend again.
Speaking of lack of details, the winner of the BPC class give away from my prior post is the second Gail who commented 
Gail said...

Great post! Thanks for the chance to win the BPC gift...I am hoping to take the Becky Higgins class to end out the year. I started with Twelve and also able to fit in the Art of I'm just saving up for Beckys Project Life type class so a gift card would help a lot...Thanks!
July 31, 2012 6:22 AM .
All I know is that she is in the "Twelve" class with me at BPC right now. So, Ms. Gail, please send your e-mail address to me at

Yes, summer is still here and there are more giveaways to come. Since I've been speaking of Club Scrap I think the next prize should be a Club Scrap "Bold Blooms" Jr scrapbooking kit picture below. It's a $39 value. To enter, leave a comment on this post.

Here's the link for those who want to explore what one can purchase at Club Scrap.
Please feel free to explore the site and see what it's all about.

Just a few thoughts about my trip to Green Bay. It's a beautiful mid-western small city with an amazing phenomenon in the Green bay Packers. The tours of Lambeau Field and the Packer Hall of Fame were definite highlights of my trip. I am not a raving football fan either. It's just a very special piece of America and so very interesting. I took a boat trip down the Fox River and learned a lot about the history and industry of this city. I highly recommend that, too. 
Now, this photo above is a fun surprise. The children's garden at the small, but thoroughly beautiful, Botanical Garden has a kaleidoscope where you spin the bowl and see the lovely images change. I took some photos and was delighted by the results. I loved those gardens and would visit again!
The Regatta 220 at 465 Marina Way is a delightful place to eat. So, if you decide to attend the October Club Scrap retreat - I DO recommend that- you might want to check out Regatta220 for an alternate to steaks and burgers (they serve beef but it's not their specialty) and the Titletown Brewing Company is another spot with good pub food and beer. Take advantage of the Captain's Walk Winery visit that Club Scrap offers as an additional event for the early arrivals at the retreat. Well worth the extra $20. 
I'll say no more!

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