Thursday, February 26, 2015


 It's been a while. Life just comes in torrents, at times. Doctor appointments, classes, friends all add up but while a busy life, I am not complaining.
Actually, had a procedure that has reduced my pain some and now, at least temporarily, I can increase my activity a bit. Maybe I can lose a bit more weight. I've kept off the big weight loss but still want to lose more. I recognize why I've not made more progress - too many calories in and not enough out. I'm anticipating a knee replacement the end of May so have that goal to achieve more. Less weight and more active now will help with my recovery. Then, when fall comes, I'll hope to be healed and have even more mobility.

PCO Dialogue digi kit, font Avenir

Digi Kit: The Sahlin Studio Shine Bright TDF72, Font: Charlemagne Standard Bold, Mommyish Glitter Silver Style and extra shadow styles, Yin Template 413 TDF 69

I do keep scrapbooking though not nearly as much as I'd like to do. Thank goodness for team assignments at Get It Scrapped, I get those pages done. The community gallery is welcome to all. Be sure to leave at least one comment on other pages for every layout you post. We are all about community there.
Scrap productivity may go up as I'm planning to attend a crop with scrappy friends soon at my LSS, It's All About the Scrapbook. March is also the month for a productivity challenge at Get It Scrapped. We play a wacky game called "Calvinball". Just like the games at the wonderful historic comic strip, Calvin and Hobbes, the rules change. The main rule is that there are no negative points. There is no prize, just one's own creative spurt, and we acknowledge that Celeste will win but Doris, and maybe some others, will give her a run for the money. Totally free and welcome to all. Do join us for this crazy adventure!
My goal, as always with the blog is two posts a month. I do sometimes post more but like to keep the stress down and the goal reasonable.
There's always a lot to do. Going to visit a couple of my granddaughters and attend a hockey game, too, soon. Trying to take a number of photos with my new camera. I've wanted a full frame camera for a while but the size and expense of those has been intimidating. I've been paying attention to the favorable comments about the Canon 6D with the 24-105mm IS STM lens. I took the plunge when the shutter on my Canon EOS xSi needed a repair and I love it. I did get the Rebel fixed but it will be a back up. The new camera is not much heavier than my Rebel (chosen for lightness because of my neck issues) and the pictures it takes are wonderful. Since it's still me taking the photos, and they look so much better, it has to be the camera! I do shoot in manual but the auto features on this camera would make anyone look like a pro, I'm sure. I'm so tempted to learn all the auto modes but really want to improve my camera skills in general; so, I'm going to wait on exploring those.
I'll try to post a few of my faves in the near future. I'm learning a bit more about editing, too.
Do be sure to join us at The Digiscrap Geek Podcast each week. It's not just digital scrapbooking, though we do talk geek, often. We have a lot of fun. Our guests are wonderful, too. Do leave us comments at the DSG blog. We love to hear from you!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Scrapbook Pages

 I've been making a few scrapbook pages recently and decided that I've not been spending as much time at my hobby as I'd like. Truthfully, once I get creating art, it's hard to get into my crafts. Not from too much creative energy but more of "What a mess!". Lots of stuff needed in creating. I know, "Isn't that why you digi scrap a lot?"
It doesn't create a mess anyone can see but it does mean a bit of searching and organizing. That's one reason I'm becoming more of a digi kit scrapper.
I'm going to post a few of my recent pages here. Be sure to check out Debbie Hodge's Get It Scrapped
where this heritage page is shown with several other examples of scrapping heritage photos with contemporary product.

Paper: Pink Paislee Switchboard, Studio Calico Lemon Lush, Teresa Collins Something Wonderful, Pocket Card: Studio Calico, Flower: Prima Flowers Coffee Break, Paper clip: Freckled Fawn, Stamp: Freckled Fawn/Hero Arts Sept 2014, Alpha: AC Thickers, Small alphas, glitter stickers, wood veneer banner, puffy sticker, paper clip, clear doodle stickers all Freckled Fawn (from kits Jan 2015, Dec 2014, Nov 2014, Sept 2014)

Some other layouts done recently:

Kim Watson Template from GIS files, Just Jaime Storyteller Sept and October 2014, styles and brushes Mommyish, Karla Dudley and Just Jaimee, font - Garamond

Mommyish Best Summer Ever, Im So Fancy;  TMartin Missing You, One Little Bird Crazy for You; PCO Focus, Click, Repeat, Karla Dudley Rad Bundle, Just Jaimee/Mommyish Year In Review; CD Muckosky Bootiful Night, My own designs (gingham, blue cardstock) Fonts: Oswald Book, Avenir Medium, Adobe Garamond Bold,  treed machine stitched sampler, pco dream, dde backyard splash

Jbarette's Perfect Fit, styles Mommyish, template by Amy Kingsford - MSD 11-2013 Sketch Inspired by Kelly Noel

Scrapbook Coach_Sprawl01_Template, Amanda Yi_TheDarndestThings, Studio Calico_Jan_FarFarAway, Mommyish_Shadow Styles -BohemianTypewriter, PasticheBrush

Check out the Scrapbook Coach videos at Get It Scrapped. I get a lot of inspiration there. The "You Love Football" page layout was inspired by a class there and the template/sketches for many of the layouts in the classes are available free for members at Get It Scrapped.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Fast as a Speeding Bullet

I took over 500 images yesterday. At the end I turned the camera to auto and shot snapshots until my battery died. I tried to get great photos but realized I would need a lot more physical abilities and energy to keep up with a 2 year old. For now, I will refer to that lovable bundle of boyish energy as "the ricocheting bullet". I'm thinking maybe landscape photography is more my speed?
I have half a mind to just do a photo collage of all the great back of the head images I got in my efforts. I may really try it, just for fun. it would make a great scrapbook page.
I do love my little photo subject in so many ways and looking back at these photos makes me smile. One makes me laugh out loud. It's not the technical best but it's my favorite memory.
He been running around and choosing the plastic eggs filled with treats that his Mom had scattered on the grassy area near the picnic tables. He grew bored with that and ran over to check the geese by the pond. He then pointed to a curb-like area where the path moved to a different level, ran over and sat down with his hands in his lap. He leaned forward and started honking at the geese. It was a precious moment. Just a moment. For next thing you know, he was up and running with a stick he'd found slashing at plants and stopping and digging in the dirt.

Montreal - A Girdled Porcupine (reflections on a reunion in 2013)

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