Fun LO and another cupcake review

Had fun putting together the LO for a Nic Howard class at BPS. Actually not an assignment but I got this fun kit from Scarlet Lime and just saw it as perfect for this a scraplift of a class illustration. Aren't those the cutest smiles on Miss B & Miss M!
Have not made it back to Esther's to recheck those cupcakes but happened to look up as I was about to cross the street from Pilates and found Babycakes. Yum! Moist and delicious cakes with good tasting frosting. Priced at $2.50 a cupcake or $27 for a dozen. Not all varieties available every day. I am doing the Pilates as physical therapy for my neck and knees - with wonderful results for my knee and learning new ways to move to compensate for some of the problems from my neck. Time To Be Fit is my Pilates place and it's great. I think it has been helpful in getting rid of some fat pounds, too. Hmmm, now that I've discovered the delicious cupcake place around the corner from TTBF, will I be able to continue progess on the battle of the bulge?
Personal message for May. You saw the title. If you have read this far, please forget about the cupcake place until next month. Plan a nice trip to the zoo in Sac so you'll have a good long walk with the girls before you take a trip over to check out the cupcakes. Then enjoy!

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