Friday, January 27, 2017

Science Nerds, Sustainability Learning and other things

 I've had a busy week with my niece visiting from Canada. She and I are both science nerds. We went to see Bill Nye at SF Sketchfest and also saw the duo from Stuff You Should Know. The CA Academy of Sciences was also on the agenda. Two planetarium shows, of course. One was Habitat Earth. I thought it was a good portrayal of the interdependency of life. If you have kids and want to talk about sustainability with them, it is a good way to introduce the topic. Plus, there is all that other cool stuff in the building!
Speaking of sustainability I've got a few conferences I'm planning on attending. One is Women at the Center: Linking Population, Health and Environment For a Healthy World by the SF Dept of the Environment. Another is SF Sustainability Unconference, which is tailored in discussion to the attendees. I learned about EcoDistricts Foundation Course: Building Sustainable, Equitable, Resilient Cities from the Neighborhood, Up and wondered if it was just for architects and designers; so, I e-mailed for info. Sounds like it will be useful for folk like me, too. Then next month I plan to attend GreenBiz 2017 in Phoenix. It's a good start to understanding that part of the word sustain that I have chosen for this year's One Little Word.
Otherwise, I'm busy with art history, podcasting and art. I cannot forget the American Medical Women's Association and the British Medical Women's Federation meetings, too. Looking forward to those. This may be a summer I will dedicate to relaxing and lounging by my pool. I'll need the rest!

Sunday, January 8, 2017

A Little Time to Relax

A cup of tea always says "Relax" to me. This packet was in one of our Christmas gifts and was a delightful break in my day. 
Getting a podcast up, Christmas, Folk coming to visit and getting ready to leave town, recovering from surgery and an unexpected exacerbation of my neck problem have not been the most relaxing of times. You likely got exhausted just reading that last sentence!
Still, life is not bad and things look good for 2017. I'm a bit worried about the country with what might be a reactionary and inexperienced new administration; but, I live in California, and things here are very likely to stay much the same, and that's fine with me.
Right now, I'm working on the web page for my podcast. I'm directing folk on iTunes to my Libsyn show notes but soon will direct all the traffic to my official page. There are a lot of details that go into making the podcast a good experience. I'm enjoying the process and know it will all get better over time. Of course, one would like things to be perfect from the get-go; however, experience tells me that waiting for perfection means nothing gets done. 
Some waiting is not too bad. I've had a photo credit from a sale purchase at Persnickety Prints for several months. I finally decided to use it to catch up on my backlog of digital scrapbook pages. I'm delighted! These pages will be going into albums today.
Those are my plans with a relaxing cup of tea on this rainy Sunday afternoon.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Reporting Back on A Creative Approach Podcast

It's live on iTunes! I am very excited that the podcast is finally there. I really enjoy the conversations and think you'll find them enjoyable and interesting, too. A brief intro and three shows are up now and the plan is to release a new episode every two weeks.
Taking a creative approach to solving life's problems, to enrich our lives, to give to others, to find our path is part of what both makes us unique individuals. The stories my guests relate tell us how they find their passion for creativity in their life and work.
Episode00 is a brief introduction.
Episode01 Finding the Creativity within with the effervescent Charr Crail
Episode02 with Cheryl Dyes Ashcraft gives us understanding of her approach to guide us in presenting our stories
Episode03 features Erin Manning a well known and beloved photographer who has found work by finding what she loves
Several more interviews have been recorded and are in the works.
Join me and and my guests as we explore their stories at A Creative Approach Podcast.

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