Friday, October 9, 2015

On the Road

 This summer was not only consumed with time off for surgery but also travel. I attended CHA's Paper Arts Show in Chicago in July, then the Podcasters Movement convention in Fort Worth and now am finishing up in Wisconsin at Club Scrap's annual retreat. Very busy!
How's the knee? Healing well, though I ought to be doing more exercising. I always use wheelchairs at airports as it's not just my knee but also my arm and neck that limit my activities. Walking has not been neglected when I can control the pace, distance and duration. The facelift and arm lift went well too. Very happy with results.

Wisconsin, the summer is delightful there. We were tempted to get a summer home. The big problem in the Midwest is the air conditioning. Folk there dial the temperature down very low in buildings in places like Chicago and Green Bay. It helps control the humidity, I suppose. Pack sweaters, jackets and long sleeves! Outdoors, though, is beautiful! Even rainy days! (A real oddity for a Californian like me.)
Of course, I love California and was anxious to get home. A backyard swimming pool and reasonable air conditioning do help one's tolerance for the hot weather. There's always the chance of a quick trip to the coast to cool off and that cool air does rush into the valley at night to make Sacramento more livable.
My opinions about the shows I attended follow.

Paper Arts was too small for me, though the manufacturers who attended did well in general. I think the buyers would have appreciated more vendors and a wider selection. I loved seeing my friends and I did a little photography for Charity Wings. Do check Charity Wings out at Videos from the Paper Arts Show and another craft show from Utah are available there.

Podcasters Movement was very inspirational and educational and Fort Worth is a wonderful city to visit. I learned a lot and made new friends. I'm definitely planning on going to go to the meeting in Chicago next year unless we go on a river boat cruise in Europe before the Medical Women International meeting in Vienna, Austria. Thinking about that!

Club Scrap's retreat is always fun! I had a bit of  a head cold that kept me from some of the activities. I just spent time with Cal and rested. That was nice. The creativity of the Club Scrap staff always amazes me! Their products are very carefully considered for quality and usefulness. Impressed as always. Lovely people at retreat, too!

I'm going to encourage you all to take time to travel or try new things. Travel always gives me new energy and despite set backs like travel delays, viral illness, and early morning false fire alarms is over all a positive experience!

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