Photos from California State Fair

Yes, we spent our aniversary and Cal's BD at the State Fair !
Had a lot of fun.
From the farm to the exhibits and the shows to the Food Court and corn dogs and lemonade!

Karen and Cal 19th Anniversary and Cal's 75th BD

Dinner at Ruth Chris Steak House to celebrate

A recent challenge from May Flaum At BPS

New Lay Out!

Got inspiration for the style of the LO from this BHG Scrapbooks, Etc magazine LO. Of course, not exactly scraplifted by the time I was done but I find it better to have some place to start from vs staring at a blank page. The journalling for this page reads -
To Eat, or to be Eaten?
That is the question.
The crocodile pond at the Han’s Cottage Botel, Ghana is a popular tourist lunch spot.
The thatched roof restaurant is built on stilts out into the midst of the pond. More than a dozen crocodiles roam and swim freely just outside the low-walled edge of the dining area.
It’s a bit unnerving to remember how I felt while eating and wondering if this croc was contemplating HIS next meal!

Ep 44: Finding Beauty in the Imperfections with Linda Gelfman

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