Picture Spring! 4-7-2010, 4-8-2010

Top photos are of water collars around tomato plants in garden. I was looking for water sparkle and thought these two shots did that. More flowers for a pastel palette assignment.
Today the assignment is everyday object. Rather broad area; still it's a challenge to find something beautiful in the ordinary. Water collars might fill that bill but have used them already.
Getting my stuff back on this computer. Made sure, first thing, that my adequate virus protection was properly installed on the computer!
I'm vowing to find time to scrapbook today. I've tried all week and something has always come up.

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Bev said...

lovely colors from the flowers...i am so ready for sun and warmth...aren't you??!

Ms. Jackie said...

I see you are using that camera in some new ways.....great shots.

Kinsey said...

hey karen!

i just read your comment on may's blog and i had to come over here and tell you thank you for the awesome compliment! seriously though...THANK YOU...i try super hard to be true to myself always and that's not always appreciated or even received the right way so it makes me really happy that you understand and that it matters to you too. you are wonderful and appreciated friend :]

big hugs, kins

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