Thursday, July 28, 2011

Midway Through WITL

I've tried these sorts of projects before and "failed" to complete most. So far it's the middle of the week and while I'm taking less photos, I'm still at it. How to put this together has me a bit stumped. I'm a paper/hybrid scrapper so the digital templates do not win me over completely. I'm not a good enough photographer to be really stunned by my images either. Blogging, FB and twitter are my journal forums. I've thought of including my posts, along with my photos. The same format might not work from day to day considering my variable amount of photos. Oh, I hope to think of something. I've far too many 'half-baked' efforts around. Time to finish one.
I hope folks are checking the Charity Wings blog. Looks like some of the videos of the live streaming event are up. You can find links through the following site. Also, opportunities to volunteer.
I hope the e-bay auction items link gets posted soon. Wonderful sponsors of the charity! Remember, you can just go to the site and donate. It feels good to give.
Here are a few of my WITL photos.




Monday, July 25, 2011

My Layouts re: Paperclipping Roundtable #77

Here are some of my layouts about my relationship with my husband. The topic of discussion to this weeks Paperclipping Roundtable.
Here's a link to the actual podcast.
 This LO is about how I find Cal in the evenings reading his book.
Here's one that just expresses emotion "It's so good"

Just emotion again "Lucky to have you"

 This is my cloth Paris album documenting some of our favorite activities - people watching, sight seeing, sitting in a cafe, visiting a garden shop, walking on the bridges, visiting the Louvre.

This was just a trip of over a week to visit family in Washington state and British Columbia. I've just included a couple of interior pages. Most documentation is in notes at the end. The book just shows the family and places we visited with a couple of cute stories in the final journaling.
 A play on my name Poirier which means Pear tree and the "pair' of us

 Another trip which documents our time together in Australia (OZ) and my aversion to animals while he has no problem
 This was about Paris but the end of the journaling talks about us and love

This was the Kinsey Wilson project she used to document her child and friends and that I used to document my best friend and partner of 20 years.

Maybe a Busy Blog Week

OK, just signed up for Ali Edwards Week In the Life class at BP. So, not only do I need to finish up my blog posts about CHA, I will plan to document some of my WITL material here. Who know? Maybe blog posts will be my digital scrapbook?
Nice that I started with a productive Monday morning. Gosh, beds are made, laundry done, appointments organized. I hope to do some overdue stuff after I finish the unpacking but am rather sore and weak after my trip. I got help with my luggage but needed to deal with it a bit twice, not much. Funny how just a little effort can trigger so many symptoms. I'm being careful though and it looks to be a good week in spite of this.
It's a lovely day and the pool looks inviting. So, that's my afternoon plan.
Must finish up a productive morning first!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Oooh! La! La! The Ribbon Ring creates

The Ribbon Ring is a handy organizer for ribbon

 Look what that ribbon has become!

Simply delicious fun!
I believe one of these delightful cakes will get some additional embellishment and be available for the Charity Wings auction.

Pink Paislee - It's lovely

Yes, I love the Nantucket and Mist-ables but all these lines are delightful. These embellishments are just so pretty.

Montreal - A Girdled Porcupine (reflections on a reunion in 2013)

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