Monday, April 23, 2012

Photo stories

 I did post most of these photos to Facebook, though not the ones of the delightful Villa Marco Polo Inn. Still, not everyone is on Facebook and I did promise them here.
First are the photos of my journey first to Portland and Vancover. Then to Penticton and iver to get om and then on that day to Victoria.

Once we got to Victoria we went to The Villa Marco Polo Inn, a place where Mom stayed in September when she went to investigate assisted living. They were very kind to her. It was as lovely as she said and I stayed there for the remainder of my stay in Victoria as Mom got moved in.

So got Mom moved in and settled in. She protested new furniture and insisted on her old TV unit staying. I did get her a new La Z Boy recliner that moves up and down and helps her out with a simple electric lever button and her new lamps work with a Lutron sliding switch that I may get for some of my lamps. The room will look so much nicer when the new shutters and drapes are installed. I do hope the building will finish the painting in the room. I was unhappy with areas that were unpainted. Still, it is spacious and nicely laid out and gives the impression of a detached bedroom and kitchen. My high school friend Jeanie was there to greet us the first day and Mom met the family of a woman she knew in Oliver at her first visit to the church next door. This was also the church she attended when she used to live in Victoria.

While in Victoria, I visited Fran and Doug who have also moved into assisted living there. Had a lot of fun with Fran. Went grocery shopping with her and Mom. Fran checked out Mom's place and visited us. Mom and I had dinner with Fran and Doug at their place. I went to an April BD party with Fran. Nice jazz trio then she treated me to dinner at Lure. What a beautiful view and a great dinner! Thanks, aunt Fran! Don't they have a lovely view?

Now at home great things have been happening - a new bathroom! That old one was soooo ugly! This is soooo nice. It's all fresh and lovely. Still waiting on the blind but it's otherwise complete. (OK, I need a waste basket, too)

I've been inspired to update the bedding, too. Here's the guest room (Cal's retreat).

Have ordered some for the master bedroom. Next month the floor will be updated in the master bath and some new window coverings and faucets will go in and it will be stunning, too!
Getting the family room re-papered. We had it done and then put on a new roof. Alas, Zimmerman roofing did not heed Cal. He told them there had been a leak before and some flashing had solved the problem. They did not feel they had to put it in place and so we got a continued leak and headache since the roof was installed. Not to mention all the work that needs to be done on the family room that had just been remodeled. I'm steaming mad about that. My new contractor will fix it now. I sure hope no further problems.
Getting the blinds, floors, duct work and windows cleaned and the house will begin to look swank. (Well, ignore the kitchen and other areas crying for an update, though they will be clean.)
One thing that looks a lot better with some cleaning is my craft room. Note Cal's surprise! It's overfull but at least, I can find things. Maybe after my doctor's appointments and visits with Joe's medical team are over I can actually get back to some creating. I am glad that I can do that. My neck/arm problem s pretty stable although my walking ability has deteriorated. My knees, hips and ankles are a "pain". Oh, well, could be worse! Hre are some views of my spCE.

So, when I promise you photos I guess I deliver, LOL! Enjoy, dear readers.

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