Thursday, November 15, 2012

Winner! And a few random thoughts

 Tona, picked YOU as a winner of The Big A** Book of Bling. Send me your snail mail address and I'll mail it out next week.
 Thanks everyone for entering.
 Hmmm, need to think up something for a Xmas or New Year's give away.
 Why do I like to give things away? Well, Random Act of Kindness make me feel good.
 Have you ever paid for someone's groceries when you see them struggling to decide on what to take out of their basket and they look like they could use help? Do you give someone else your place in line? Do you tell a parent how well their child is behaving? Do you leave change on a park bench when you see a homeless person checking trash cans nearby with a note that says "Thought you might like this"? Do you see a Mom behind you in the fast food car line,obviously frazzled with the Xmas shopping and trying to get her kids calmed down, clearly there because she's just no time to cook - so, you pay her order before you move on to the pick-up window?  Yes, those are Random Acts of Kindness. Some cost nothing or next to nothing but they are all RAK's. A nice thing is when you can move on and still see the smiles.
 Of course, that is not necessary to feel good about your gift. Not everyone needs your help but small kindnesses do make feel people feel like someone cares.
 What kind of world is this if we are not kind one another? I think often about the comment of 2 billion years of evolution have resulted in this... We like to think of ourselves as so wonderful but loneliness, want, war are just three things that make me question just how wonderful we are, compared to what we could be.
 So, a little RAK is all I ask of you. A kind word, a door held open, let someone ahead in line. If you are fortunate enough to have much to be thankful for - then a little financial gift or donation. It's not world peace; but, it is something and we can hope at least a recipient or two might pass it on.
 Have a Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy and be grateful for your blessings; and, be one, too!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

a little too busy

Yes, I've been over-doing and that required some serious pain medication last night. Today, we (Angela Daniels, Laura Durrer, and I) took a lot of breaks on the trip back; so' I'm doing OK but will head to bed early.
Had a wonderful time in LA.
Mark Montano had a successful book launch for the Big Ass Book of Bling. Mark is just so creative and possibly one of the nicest people you could ever know! A wonderful host - he served up some flavored vodka drinks, which were a great hit, as was a delightful entertainer, Meiko. Buy his book! It's only $12 on Amazon. I am also offering a copy as a prize for one of the folk who comments on this blog post. Make sure there is a way to link back to you for you to be entered in the drawing. 
Met up with the Craft Ladies, Karen (Tiffany Anne Price) and Jane (Lauren De Long), check out their web show here ; and the fabulous Jonathan Fong who among many other accomplishments is a representative of that fabulous Shoe Attitude I used recently. Saw friends Kathy, Liz and Sheila and the silly and always fun Tami Bayer.

 Really enjoyed the fashion district of LA. Stacy and Terre from Spellbinders, who also attended Mark's party, joined us in the morning there. The fashion district is a bit visually overwhelming but so cool. Loved all the color and bling! Angela Daniels mothered me nicely, making sure I had water, nourishment and rest and she carried my stuff when I found it heavy. (Of course, it kept me from slowing her down too much!) In exchange, I gave her "princess" lessons! (You call the valet to order the car, you do not need to go down to request it). Great street food in the Alley. I loved my taquitos!

A real highlight was seeing my friend Nicole, who I had not seen in a couple of years, and catching up. Her son had just married the week before so I got to see wedding pictures, too! A very special and precious 40 year friendship!

I never heard from Glenna so have had to pick another winner. Mormor, you are a lucky women. I swear I've sent you at least two other prizes! I used a random number generator and tested it after to make sure it was working randomly - it is. You are just very lucky. (Yes, Mormor, you can enter my latest contest. Though I hope others will not be discouraged from entering. I do pick the winner randomly!) Send me your snail mail address, Mormor, and the package will be on its way.

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