All About the Light

I was fretting a bit this morning. I always make these commitments that I probably ought not to make. I hate deadlines and always have regrets when deadlines come and I’m overwhelmed. Today, though, I had a driveway moment. Don’t those moments happen a lot on NPR? Especially on Fresh Air with Terry Gross. Sean Hayes who is currently on Broadway in Promises! Promises! said the following:
“It’s fun to kind of push your boundaries and see if you can do things that have scared you a little bit your whole life.” Terry questioned this and he replied “ That’s what life is about though, isn’t it? Isn’t it about getting out of your comfort zone, getting off the couch, challenging yourself, and forcing yourself to do things you wouldn’t otherwise do. Otherwise, what are you living for?”
Terry Gross, of course, replied “Comfort.”
OK, I guess, I do normally like the comfort bit. Especially, as I look at physical comfort as well as emotional and the physical kind rather escapes me these days.
The reason I discuss this is because I somehow got myself into this blog hop. Now, I love giving things away and writing is not usually a problem but sometimes LO’s are a challenge for me. I’ve been struggling a bit and I really need to have it done today. The photos and basic page LO are done. Embellishing to tell my story is my current challenge.
I guess I ought to get to it. Speaking of challenges, I’ve been neglecting my photographs using the rain as an excuse. I find photography more challenging without the sun. It is all about light, isn’t it?

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