Sunday, February 28, 2016

A post for February

Thank goodness for Leap Year! I will get at least this post done for February. The goal remains two posts a month.
As usual, I've been thinking a lot about topics but have not just sat down to write.
The one thing on my mind recently is my weight and fitness. It's not an easy task to stay on target. I'm rededicating myself because I recently had to restart a blood pressure medication in a small dose. I had gained back a few pounds though it might just be getting older that is causing the rise.
Still, I had almost reached my ideal weight and then I gained about 10 lb. It's so easy when traveling and hanging out with friends, to lose focus.
I'm back to regular physical activity though I may need to give up on belly dancing, as the class is progressing past my physical capabilities. I need a true beginner level for low impact and not much arm work because of my physical limitations.
My French class, last semester, conflicted with my weight management classes at Kaiser. I have been attending these sessions weekly recently and have started using Sparkpeople again to monitor my progress and to get extra motivation. All of this is helping me reach my goals.
The added benefit of getting healthier is an improved attitude. I am more optimistic than I have been in the past month. My energy level is not as good as I'd like, though. Sleep is a challenge.

Perhaps this is a message; I always take on too much. Setting limits is a resolution for 2016. I want to take time and savor my experiences.

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