Thursday, July 29, 2010

Oh, no, how did I miss that

I am going through my photos as I prepare these blog posts and big slap to the forehead! I did not have my camera when I went through Bo-Bunny at CHA. I neglected to get back there to take pictures. At least, I have not located any so far.
I love that company and they have some good stuff! Visit their blog, please, and check it out scrapbookers. Really wonderful product!
OK, CHA is big; so, I'm not beating myself up. I certainly was trying to have fun, not work.Lots of lovely items there that will not make it to this blog. I'm trying to post some of my faves; though, clearly not all.
I was so happy to see the folk from My Green Tangerines at the show. Now, they did some serious buying to get the store re-opened and will carry lots of my favorites. I've got goosebumps just thinking of the retail therapy that is going to provide! Fellow fans of GT you'll be as pleased as I am!
Consumer show tomorrow which should be interesting following CHA. (I suspect GT may have bought up all the floor product of the new releases so not sure how much new product will be there.) Some product that came out just before CHA might be showing up.
I'm looking forward to the Fiskar's class and to the Scrapbook Royalty crop. I know those will be fun!

Wyland Foundation Benefit - Fun with Friends

Last night attended a function to benefit the Wyland Foundation. Great items at the silent auction. Good food and drink, too. Always nice to be with friends. Pushed my pal Lisa to pay a few more bucks to beat my bid to win Donna Salazar's picture & necklace. Sorry, Lisa! It was for a good cause!
I did win some items. Not the Wyland picture. I think I might have bid a lot if it was the sea turtle not the whales. (Not that I have anything against whales. Never would want to offend something that much bigger than I!)
I am enjoying myself. Have kept my activity level manageable so I can have a good time without a lot of pain.

My tour of Webster's Pages at CHA

Here's a peek at another popular line here at CHA. Webster's Pages were mentioned by virtually everyone when I asked about their favorites here at the show. The papers are great and they had some delightful flat-backed nonadhesive designer buttons "spaklers" that looked like little clusters of bubbles that I adored. Their little whimsies were fantastic and the floral bouquet vintage inspired embellishment pack was a personal fave. The "bloomers" dimensional flowered ribbon comes in a wonderful color selection, too.
Hope you fellow scrapbookers are enjoying these glimpses of the show!

Today a tour of all that is new at Bazzill at CHA

Hi! Well, folks, I'm just going to take you on a visual tour of what is happening that is new at Bazzill. Lots of color co-ordination with your photos and with patterned paper lines. Home decor is a show theme is there is one and you'll see that here. Love the delicate die cut border strips and the beautiful rich colors of the fall leaves. I'll end the blog piece with photos of their competitor Core'dinations Core Amour that seems very popular from the traffic around the display.

Aren't these Bazzill products wonderful.
Now the Core'dinations.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Another Day at CHA

Well, the day could have started out better. Was out with friends last night and so wanted to get up not early this am and take a quick shower and rush over to show. Alas, no hot water. Sooo, waited for engineer. ordered room service, finally got hot water and then told I'd be transfered to a new room here at the Rosemont Hyatt. So, by the time all that happened it was noon.
Once there ran into a few friends. Enjoyed meeting Jenni from Fiskateers.
Saw a lot of good stuff but am only going to share The Girls Paperie with you now since I'm tired and want to rest.
The Halloween stuff was just too cute. Don't you love the goodie bags?!!!

Promise more photos to come!

Some glimpses from CHA

OK, today I will TRY to take more pictures. Yesterday, I spent more of my browsing time just taking stuff in than taking photos and what you, dear blog readers want is pictures! I loved most everything I saw but need to sift through what I think might be truly stuff I can use. Some of my new fave stuff I did not photograph. One is the offerings from Core-dinations. Some lovely stuff in simple grey's (black and white) that are truly going to be fun to scrap with! I'll try to get pics today.
I did love the SEI and Glitz Designs booths and saw yummy stuff in both. SEI has the most adorable Xmas paper where the tops of some pine trees are slightly bent to the right with a red cardinal on top. So very adorable!
Graphic 45 had a most visually appealing booth and some wonderful product. I loved the Alice Halloween products though I might only have limited use for them but I'm thinking cause they are wonderful. The Xmas stuff is a real delight. Well, enough. I did not set out to do a critical review here - just some glimpses of new stuff.

Here's a little Graphic 45 Xmas.

I love these new ink products.

Claudine has some wonderful new sponge stamps to use with paint with detail clear stamps to stamp an overlay image. I saw how the rocker block works wonderfully with large clear stamp images like hers to get an even print. I cannot recall who makes those at the moment but I'm getting some. I already have Claudine's paints, which I love and I think those house and flower parts stamps of hers are on my list, too!

Some lovely pages displayed at the Glitz Designs booth. Yes, much deliciousness on my must get list!

A glimpse of Graphic 45

I must get my day going and today Ill try and be more of a reporter, though do not count on it. Sometimes I just need to soak it all in. I also have not the energy or strength to explore every nook and cranny. I know Scrapbook Update has all the new product sneak peaks up and some good hard hitting news from Nancy Nally so I'd head there for the latest scoops. I will upload more pics from yesterday later and will try to get some more good looks today.

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