Sunday, September 14, 2014

Using a Digi template

This week's Digiscrap Geek Podcast featured a guest, template designer Cheryl Ashcraft of Fiddle-Dee-Dee Designs
So, of course, I had to try one of her templates. My page is about construction but her designs feature lots of flowers and layers and made me wonder if I could make it work. Easy! No worries at all, the designs are very adaptable. I kept a lot of the layering but limited the flowers to two stickers from the main kit I used. The template is rotated and the journal block and title realigned. The top photo was moved after all photos were increased in size.  
I loved the distress elements and colors in the Vinnie Pearce The Rise Collection so used it for my page only adding in modified LaurieAnn HGD stickpin. The fonts are ChunkFive, arsenal white, Adobe Garamond and Arial Narrow. Distress brush from Karla Dudley, shadows from the template, One Little Bird, Mommyish and me. I used one of my favorite techniques of using a very faint eraser on the edge where some elements meet underlying structure. I think it makes things a bit more realistic.
Templates make digi faster and can push your style, too. 

Monday, September 8, 2014

Too much "cool"

One feels obligated to listen to podcasts one has been a part of and it can be painful. I say "cool" entirely too much. Note there is a lot of "cool" stuff I commented on.

The Digiscrap Geek Podcast episode 2 is up, and I think it is "cool". We discussed scrapbook inspiration which applies both to paper and Digi scrappers as well as card makers and artists. We also got into the topic of feminism, too. Rabbit holes are an intrinsic part of podcasts, I fear.

Not much scrapbooking this past week but will have a couple of pages to post here soon.

I've been trying to catch up on so much paperwork at home but it really is something that I find overwhelming. Too much mail, too many forms, too many details and I hate taking care of all of that. It must be done! So, again keeping it short today so I can get to it.  

Saturday, September 6, 2014

It's Just Talking

I hope that many of you will click on the button to The DigiScrap Geek Podcast here on my blog.
Carrie Arrick, the DigiScrap Geek, herself is the host and I'm one of the regular panelists on the show.
Sometimes we could get into techie matters but we do deal with universal themes of inspiration, story, design and life. I hope that some paper scrappers and non scrappy folk will find it interesting and entertaining as well as the target Digi audience.
Talking is not a problem and about a hour a week is not too tiring. It's been fun. We're on several platforms now, like iTunes, and the first episode is  posted with the second soon to arrive.
Looking forward to the weekend as today; well, technically yesterday since it's now past midnight; was a very good day.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Sometimes life gets in the way

Found this photo of my Mom from 1946 and wanted to add it to my blog and Facebook today.
Not finding time to sit down and blog much recently..
Creating things and needing a lot of rest. Not sleeping well at night and the arthritis is bad some days.
Still talking though.
Hope you are enjoying The Digiscrap Geek Podcast. It's been fun to talk Digi scrapping. Anything you want to hear on a future episode? Shoot a note to Carrie or put your idea in the comments here and we'll see if it will work in an episode.
Yes, I'm still around and writing blog posts in my head.
I've tried to post at least twice a month and will strive for at least weekly and sometimes 5 days of the week but we'll have to see how it goes. Trying to stay healthy.
As always, love your comments.

Monday, August 25, 2014

A scrapbook page re-do

OK, same supplies as last image but I modified the base paper to eliminate that bold splash of bright pink and just add touches of it and I got a better composed photo on a wood background. The slant of the wood boards brings your eye back to the first photo on the upper left.
This feels more cohesive, if a little less dramatic than the initial layout.
What do you think?

It is a Digi page. I may lighten up the wood grain paper before printing.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Scrapbook Cropping

TDF68_jbarette_perfectfit, karladudley_life365, wm2_xoxo, mixedmediamonthly_augustsampler, TDF68_MLOH, ClubScrap_0913_TakeWing, ClubScrap_0613_Hope, ClubScrap_0812_BoldBlooms, ange_eternally, TDF65_TPS_takenote, TDF67_kwiniecki_eclecticmoments, Karla Dudley_distressbrush, fonts -Traveling Typewriter, Chunk5, Adobe Garamond, Remachine Script

I participated for a while last evening in the #Paperclipping Online Crop, #GetItScrapped hosted event this weekend. I finally got this page completed today.

This is a rather busy page but the Product Play class at Get It Scrapped/ Masterful Scrapbook Design is drawing to a close and I got to play with product here. I may re-take the camera photo and see if that will help the composition.

I've got Joe working on more DIY projects at my other house. 

With photo enhancing the ugly finish is not apparent. Once the chairs are repaired they will be painted with the white chalk paint to match all the other white dining chairs in the house. I think I'll have Joe go to an upholstery class to cover the seats of the chair properly in a black fabric. He'd learn a valuable skill that way, too.

It will take a while. Results will be posted here.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Back from the anniversary celebration

 Celebrated the 25th wedding anniversary and Cal's 81st birthday a little early by taking a trip to Reno.  We break the drive up  as neither one of us does long stretches in the car well and as short as the trip is we could not drive it without stopping.
It was a beautiful drive but it looks like some of the trees in the Sierra are dead, possibly from the sort of beetles that damaged our backyard redwoods. That's not something one wants to see.
We enjoyed time with our friends, Ray and Judy. Always lots of laughs.
Since we just got back this afternoon this will be a short post. I did get a wonderful old photo for #throwbackThursday up on my Facebook page and will try to import it here tomorrow. My Mom is a baby in the photo and she has an expression on her face that is one I've noticed on Donovan's face. Maybe it's a genetic expression?

I have made a few changes to the "Your Garden" LO and will post that revision tomorrow, too.