Saturday, April 16, 2016

Scrapbooking for the Fun of It!

KimJensen_LiveOutLoud_brad, TDF88_vid_adventuretime kit; Fonts: Quicksand Bold, Remington Noiseless Reg; Fiddle-Dee-Dee Mystified template; Styles: Mommyish and Scrapaneers Championsstyles 

Lately, I've been back at making scrapbook pages for fun.
It seems that many of the pages I made over the past 6 months were ones for scrap assignments. It's good to be back creating just because.
Certainly, lots of fun things going on have inspired pages to scrap and pushed me to devote myself to my hobby. I'm using up old kits and products in paper and playing with templates and kits and even exploring techniques in digi.
I'm in a happier place than I've been in a long time and it is reflected in my work.
Oh, I'm still behind in things at home but spring cleaning is going on and steadily I'm getting on top of things. This month is starting slow but am loving the longer days. I believe I get sad in the winter.
This very happy page was made to celebrate my visit to Boston to meet with friends that are a part of the Get It Scrapped community. It was so fun to meet in person though we've been virtual friends for a while.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Learning - Scrapaneers Live! event starts tomorrow

Scrapaneers Live! April 16-17, 2016

Looking ahead to Scrapaneers Live. Something about learning tech graphics is appealing to me. I mean, truly; I co-host The Digiscrap Geek Podcast. You can listen to our latest podcast for an interview with Tiffany Tillman-Emanuel where she discusses "Live!." Of course, it's no surprise to you that I am into this stuff. I enjoy learning in general, though.,, Get It Scrapped and Scrapaneers are some of my favorite educational sites. I do like Noell Hyman's Paperclipping videos, also. I am frustrated and disappointed that some places where I purchased courses are no longer available. While they offered the power to download the classes, it was not the right time in my life to collect the materials. Nowadays, there is time. I'd love having access to those Big Picture Classes and Creative Passion Classes. I'm not going to get overly depressed about it; not when great lessons at Scrapaneers and Get It Scrapped exist. I've looked at the program at the new BPC but have not subscribed for membership. I would enjoy hearing from folk taking classes there to discover what they think of the experience.
Now, if you are a current digital scrapbooker, please consider signing up for the Live event. It will be available virtually later if you are not free this weekend. If fresh to digital scrapbooking, check out for a free introductory course in the hobby.

Thursday, April 7, 2016


It has been a privilege to take this recent trip to the East Coast. There have been many highlights. The people I know, those who I have met, and that lovely group of people, familiar because of web interaction, and whom I now know in person, are right there at the top of my list of highlights.
The top of the list is a crowded space. Receiving my FAMWA degree (Fellow of AMWA) from the American Medical Women's Association is truly a great honor.

The experiences I have had visiting art shows at some our nation's great institutions have not only been educational; but they have also been emotionally moving experiences, as well. Seeing friends honored at the meeting and getting to know friends better has been great. Mini Murthy MD, you do so much good through the UN and so deserve the Elizabeth Blackwell Award. Mary Guinan MD, it was a delight being part of the FAMWA Award class of 2016 with you. Every success on your terrific new book, Adventures of a Female Medical Detective.

Kathryn Ko MD, I loved visiting your studio in Manhattan and our cozy chats. Diana and Emilio, thanks for the experience of Miami Cuban culture. Susan, friend for almost 50 years, wonderful to share time, friends, good food and great art with you. Gretchen, thanks for the Manhattan experience. Meeting you, along with Debbie, Helen, Betsy, Paula and Jennifer in Boston was fantastic! The city experiences amazing, and the Get It Scrapped team-building was perfect!

This post is one of many blog posts that sit in my pending file. Too many things are going on, like Cal, my husband, always says of me - "organized chaos." I do not like the feeling of being "behind." I view this blog as a sort of diary of life and as a place where folk I know or who are interested in my life can visit. If I do not write with regularity, so much gets left out. As a scrapbooker and memory keeper, I know that one cannot include everything. Some left out parts are simple editing, some moments are too painful, but some is just because I have not made sufficient time to document the moments.
Life is busy for all of us. I also have this addiction to learning things. Laura Gardner, exploring the Periscope app with you was a delight. Our young women medical students are so bright and talented and helpful. My interactions with them have me confident in medicine's future. Fatima Fahs and Shilpa Darivemula are two more students with whom it has been a great honor to work.

This trip gave me a lot of material for future scrapbook pages. Travels, friends, those darling young family members, and my silly and fun husband and sons, there is much to document. It's hardest to record the desperate things - dealing with aging, loss, anger and sadness. Some folks think it is better to gloss over those parts or ignore them. I am uncertain, as it is all part of a legacy. As I am getting older, I wonder what the future would want to know about me. Future historians will want to know about the lives of common folk. Mine is a privileged life but not one of great fame and fortune, so I feel quite ordinary. Every time I read and study about discoveries of how families functioned, particularly the lives of women in the past, I am grateful that these things remain. If only we had a record of their thoughts and emotions through the ages, it would be marvelous.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

A post for February

Thank goodness for Leap Year! I will get at least this post done for February. The goal remains two posts a month.
As usual, I've been thinking a lot about topics but have not just sat down to write.
The one thing on my mind recently is my weight and fitness. It's not an easy task to stay on target. I'm rededicating myself because I recently had to restart a blood pressure medication in a small dose. I had gained back a few pounds though it might just be getting older that is causing the rise.
Still, I had almost reached my ideal weight and then I gained about 10 lb. It's so easy when traveling and hanging out with friends, to lose focus.
I'm back to regular physical activity though I may need to give up on belly dancing, as the class is progressing past my physical capabilities. I need a true beginner level for low impact and not much arm work because of my physical limitations.
My French class, last semester, conflicted with my weight management classes at Kaiser. I have been attending these sessions weekly recently and have started using Sparkpeople again to monitor my progress and to get extra motivation. All of this is helping me reach my goals.
The added benefit of getting healthier is an improved attitude. I am more optimistic than I have been in the past month. My energy level is not as good as I'd like, though. Sleep is a challenge.

Perhaps this is a message; I always take on too much. Setting limits is a resolution for 2016. I want to take time and savor my experiences.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Storage items at the deflecto Booth - CHA 2016


deflecto was a great stop at CHA 2016. The award nominated 3-tier dessert stand was a winner in my book. 
You'll see this item in the photos above my comments, itself and with displays of cupcakes and cake pops.
Their tiered cylinder storage is an excellent container. Not only can you determine the length of the cylinder by adding or removing the dividers, but if you choose not to use the dividers they stack as the lid. No lost dividers and ready for reconfiguration. 
Stackable storage, rail mounted storage, tilt bins are all fantastic. You should not use the stackable storage with filled supplies at the height as is demonstrated here with empty containers. Still, filled containers can be stacked, the height dependent on what items one stores. I could use this in my craft room. Love the portability and visibility of contents of this product, too.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Impressions of CHA 75th Anniversary Mega Show and Conference

It may be a bit early to synthesize what lasting impressions this show experience made.
My initial response is the subject of the keynote speaker - trends. The craft industry is not usually at the forefront of trends. In fact, too quick adoption of some trends can be financially ill-fated if the customer is not on board. Fashion is one place where trends show up promptly in the market; home accessories is another. Major pieces of furniture and items that require an investment of time as a sewing or knitting project traditionally do mean the customer has to have a level of confidence about the trend to embrace it. It is clear that younger consumers are desiring to be more on the edge, even to feeling the need to be an individual trendsetter. The craft industry sees that movement in the young market and so is acutely sensitive to what are current trends. The concept of quick adaptation works for a group where DIY, recycling and ecologically sound products mean that moving in a new direction will not make current purchases seem like terrible choices as the styles change.
Markets for different manufacturers vary, and this affects the adoption of trends. In my favorite craft, scrapbooking, Studio Calico has been one brand that has been on the leading edge of trends. One example is whitewashed looks. These are quite familiar now, but we saw this trend quite a while ago at Studio Calico. Scrapbooking, itself, is decreasing as a contemporary craft trend. Fortunately, it has not been forgotten completely, and the products we crafters use in our hobby are part of currently popular activities like mixed media art and art journaling and in card making, that is holding its own.
In reflecting on the trends I heard discussed and saw illustrated at the show, texture, dimension, layering and depth were apparent. I've mentioned in my past discussions on this topic the idea of perforation and translucency where one sees past the top layer. Lace, wire, watercolor, and sheer photo-printed fabrics are some examples of this trend. Texture and dimension appear in ribbon detail, knits, quilting, pleats, gathers, fringe, ruffles, wrapped details, folded origami-like treatments, cork, and inflated objects. Surface treatments like the photo-printing of materials, marbling, and glow-in-the-dark fibers are trending, too. Look for these ideas in new products.
3-D printing is still in its infancy, but the interest is there and we may see more with this process in the not too distant future.
With my recent study of printmaking, I was very interested in the demonstration of a process where a piece of original art was scanned and cut into acrylic then a molding material applied and then peeled away to form a print block. Very cool!
I have yet to download and edit my photos, and there are a few products I want to report about in a bit more detail so look for at least one more blog post about the show. We will be talking about CHA 2016 in a future Digiscrap Geek podcast. Please join me there for that discussion.
It was a delightful and interesting show and the ideas and innovations should keep crafters and makers very happy.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve at our house 2015

 It's a quiet Xmas eve. All the decorating is done, and presents are wrapped though several still need gift tags. Time for that in the morning. I made New York slice bars, but no other cooking though may make some shortbread and an Ohio lemon pie before New Years Eve. With Cal recovering and school, it has just been an unambitious Christmas season. No concerts nor special events. Cal and I do not plan to exchange gifts; we pretty much leave that for birthdays only. If it were not for son, Joseph Charles Heffernan Jr., nothing Xmas would have been done at all. Thanks, Joe! It's so delightful to have the decorated house looking so much like Christmas. Joe was here helping with some last minute things this afternoon and stayed for a nice steak dinner with us. Later, Joe and I made some cards with Christmas music in the background, and the football game was playing. Just simple designs with supplies from my stash much is years old!). I'll grab some photos of mine in the am for this post (as above), just too tired now. Cal is recovering quickly from the knee replacement. He even helped cook the steaks tonight. Our other Joe will be here with his family tomorrow am, and they said they are bringing ingredients and will be making a bacon and egg breakfast and Mimosas! The grandkids are apparently going to clean up. Sounds delightful. I got sandwich fixings, cookies and chocolates for the holiday weekend. Cooking is not my thing! OK, you know I do fix the occasional dish; but, I'm not a regular chef. I'm looking forward to a nice quiet holiday weekend at home with family.
Wishes for Peace on Earth as I say good night tonight.