Thursday, February 28, 2013

Evolution of a Page

 Hi, folks! Congratulations to Paula who should have received her access code from May by now. Hope you are enjoying the e-book.
So, I am taking a class at BPC about easy Grammar Free Journaling. Well, the journaling was easy; but, I did struggle a bit with the page construction. I am quite happy with the finished product. I'll walk you through my process.
First was the strategy of comparative lists - pretty easy. Next was finding papers.
Started thinking of radial symmetry and opened a "Little Black Dress Kit Club" kit. Papers - pretty easy. By now you all know that I like primary or near primary color schemes. Cal loves red; so, I picked the red and its co-ordinate from the "B" side, found the yellow-orange (gold) papers. I especially liked the gardening themed one. The tint of blue-green background paper with the growing plants also seemed very appropriate. I kept my color theory chart book close at hand to focus on the tints and shades.
Next were stash elements to build the page.
Then I started winnowing down my choices.

Next I started considering the page structure.

OK, got this far and put it aside.Next I printed the photos and really started to lay things out. I had tried an embellishment group in the lower left but that seemed too busy. I ettled for a splatter of red paint there and repeated the splatters at the bottom right and top left. Red paint splatters can look a little bloody but I think they work here. I added the strip across the middle and decided a little bit of twine worked here. You know i love fibers or ribbon on a page. The title "2" glitter thicker was a bit too blu of a teal so I added some Glimmer in green to more closely match the background. I was very careful in placing my elements to try to avoid trapped white space. There's a tiny stamp in the upper right between those faceted Glitz pieces that didn't really work but I added the small glass heart and it seemed good enough. I do love the little hearts I stamped on the wood veneer people. Wile there are just two embellishment areas the way I clustered the elements gives a nice visual triangle. You'll note my small photo as an embellishment attached with a paper clip. An element that is part of my style.
At this point it was clear the arrangement of the photos and papers was not working. I had tried centering the photos in their blocks earlier but that had not worked. I decided to put both photos on the left and slipped the right paper edge under the left one on top. This looked much better.
And, finally, the journaling lists that had started this whole process and the finished page. Yes, the edges of the papers, photos, journaling and some of the embellishments are inked.

I do like this, despite the time it took, and hope you enjoyed following along with my process. 
It's been a busy week, went to Canada last weekend to see Mom in the hospital and then there's always so much to do when one gets back home. I do have some photos of the new grandson and some of my Mom and Aunt to scrap so I know I'll continue to be busy!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

"fashionably FAST" a new e-book


May Faum's newest creation is an e-book available at Big Picture Classes
Having scrapped with May, I can attest to the fact that her pages are whipped out in record time and look beautiful. The pages I've witnessed are done not only rapidly; but, also, while talking, laughing and deciding where we will have lunch.
I always enjoy May's classes as well as her friendship so I immediately purchased this book on learning of it's publication. It's fantastic. Congratulations, May!
Like all Ella Publishing Co. books it has a clean, contemporary and very readable design. The information from May is clear, concise and helpful. You'll find lots of great ideas from May about telling your stories in a quick and visually appealing fashion. The e-book contains strategies, templates and examples from May and some of your favorite designers - Amy Tan, Lisa Dickinson, Melissa Stinson, Shimelle Laine and Stephanie Howell. There are also 30 minutes of video tutorials that accompany this e-book! 
I enthusiastically recommend this book.
Of course, I'm going to give one of my dear readers a chance at owning "fashionably FAST". Leave a comment here and I'll pick the winner on Monday. Just a little bit of Valentine love! 

Sunday, February 3, 2013

More pages

Two pages a week! Yes, a small interactive on-line class can be very inspiring. I have done well at times with challenges like Lain Ehmann's LOAD (Layout a Day) or other on-lie classes but I find the accountability of a small class is good. To be successful everyone needs to contribute and so I feel the responsibility heavily.  I'm learning a lot, too. My classmates are very talented and have made some great pages.Studying their layouts has been very helpful. The format of the Critique class at Get It Scrapped is very positive. If someone is easily fractured by criticism, do not fear. It is extremely constructive and positive. 
This next week will be a challenge, too. I'm trying to learn Adobe Illustrator, not the easiest thing to learn, but I think once I get it it's going to be a lot of fun. 
The top LO may need a translation.It's a Hemingway quote: There are only two places in the world where one can live happily, one's home and Paris. I love the memory of that little outdoor cafe on the right bank of the Seine.
I did get to document our Christmas celebration even with not so great photos. Collages can be very helpful.
Spent a little time with family today for the first half of the Super Bowl. Came home at half time. Nice to visit but would have been a very long day. One's home can be a very happy spot. (Of course, I really would like to get back to Paris soon!)

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