Sunday, March 28, 2010

Fun and New Friends

Yes, RNP's are fun folk. Met Mary, Kathleen and Lisa and Lisa's husband Eric at recent trip to Las Vegas. I look OK here but I was not well much of the trip. Asthma - very terrible (on serious meds now) and much pain in neck and shoulder. Nonetheless, I had fun, fun, fun! In large part because of these delightful folk. The education was fine, good lectures and pretty good food for a conference. Controversial topics like the new pap guidelines. Faculty excellent though a lot of "MDeities". (Thank you Dr. Ray Henry for introducing me to that term. He, BTW, is definitely NOT! But, such a good friend and doc that maybe I'd have to put him up there for his qualities, not for lofty attitudes!)
At home and helped son Joe H. start a garden today. Fun to see Cal and Joe working together. Joe has some good soil in a raised bed and put in 3 tomato plants, a green bean and a cucumber plant and parsely and chives. He also added a few Marigolds. The rose bush at the front of his place that he pruned is full of nice glossy leaves. I like seeing his pride in the place he lives even if it is a rental. He gave me sad news that his roommate is having complications from his health problems. Please include Nick in your prayers.
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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Paris Album

It's done! A lot of fun! First mixed media cloth album I've done. It took a while but I'm very happy with how it turned out. Stitched the pearls on the page edges. Attached ribbons with Fabric-tak. A little paint to accent the corner and age the buttons and alcolhol ink to antique the metal. Rub-on for the butterflies and swirl. Back ground and stamp technique done with paint. C&T publishing cloth book.
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Laura Ashley velvet rub-on swirls, Fiskars blue rain dots, not sure of metal accent origins, paper accents SEI, all but raindots from my recent Scarlet Lime kit, same for facing page
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Ribbon from stash, letterns Adornit, cannot recall origin of flower accents
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For details on last page check older posts.
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Rub-ons from stash, Adornit letters, rafia ribbon from stash, Colored paper pleated under rafia ribbon is paper towel used to wipe up my Tattered Angel's Glimmer Mist from another project.
Chipboard hearts and replacement yellow orange bling fom stash, butterfly Jenni Bowlin.
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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Book and Swarm

Yes, I am still working on the mini-book. Fixed some internal pages to make more interesting and adding trim to edges. Cal insisted I make do with what I had. My scrap stash is ridiculous, it's true. (Sorry, Steph, did not make it over to The Paper Garden to shop.) I did make do and am happy with how it's going.
It's been a fun creation.
Have also added photos below from the back yard bee swarm this morning. Cool!
Mother nature is fascinating, really!
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Sunday, March 14, 2010

It would be better with pictures

Yes, I know, blog posts really need pictures to be good. However, I'm tired today. Though I may look around for an old photo to post just for the heck of it.

I did get some photos yesterday of the crop in Vacaville. Spent the day with May Flaum and some new friends. We had a productive day. I learned a few things but mainly just enjoyed being around some really nice folk who like doing the same hobby as I do.

I did have to lie down at one point to get the neck to stop spasming and did do some neck and back exercises and did not stay to the very end of the crop though I wanted to get more done.

The creative atmosphere was nice. Very low key. Most everything was just what I would expect but I was disappointed in the "raffle prize offerings". The commercial vendor prizes fine. Thumbs down for the ones from the crop organizers - they really should not have even bothered. But, that is not why I was there. In fact, I gave away some really good stuff to my new friends. (I like scrapbook RAKs.)

I got a mixed media book mostly done except for the journalling. Did add some touches today. Hope to get the mini-book done and take photos tomorrow.

Joe came over and helped clean up today. I really appreciate the lifting and bending he does 'cause I do find that challenging. At any rate it is tidier and nicer around here.
Found the photo to upload. This is the cover collage for my mini-album. Don't you love the little boy with his baguette? I love how it is almost as big as he is. Ahh, Paris - so much to love!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New Layouts

I got the materials for these two pages from a kit at Scrapbook Dreams in Stockton. However, there were some basic design problems with the kits. So, I modified them and I'm quite happy with the results. I used ribbon as an anchor on this and placed my embellishments making visual triangles.
The one of the boys also uses visual triangle and got rid of some features on the page I did not like in the original design. A woman my age does not like to see two semi-circles facing south near the bottom of the page. Too reminiscent of droopy anatomy, lol! I used rule of three again with the embellishments and again, like my design. Sorry about the lace, butterflies and flower guys but it does talk about how i love you and will face the Grandma page in the album.
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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Just hangin' out at the mall!

Gotta scrapbook this one. Working through pic files for a project and found this one. Mom, me and Danielle last summer in BC.
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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Layouts from my inspiration process

Here is the page I discussed in my paperclipping Roundtable entry. The two other layouts are pages that followed the same process. Thought perhaps I should show the end results. Obviously, not a professional scrapbooker but doing what I love. I find a layout I like, see what I've got and go for it!
I wish I could remember my inspiration artist for the croc page though I know the LO that inspired me was published in BHG Scrapbooks, etc.
The Valentine LO was from a E. Kartchner one as I recall and the other was from an L. Ashe layout that inpired not only how I laid things out but also my topic.
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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Learned how to do it!

OK, I sound a bit nervous on my clip. I also need to learn more about the recording process. However, I am very proud of myself as I did manage to learn how to use basic Cubase and Two things I hadn't a clue about until 2 days ago.
Wonky left arms were not a major impediment, thank goodness!
I had a lot of fun! Learning new stuff is great.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Learning Curve & Bridge

Bridge - playing with the "Ladies" group tonight. I'll never be good. I'm not on a bridge curve, it's a bridge plateau. Friends in group tell me I'll be better if I play more. We shall see!
Now, using a microphone. That's another story. I got some great help tonight in setting up my new mike and recording program. Not that I'll be doing any fancy editting at this point; BUT, I think I'll try it.
Might be easier than learning to use the Wishblade and definitely easier than bridge.
May I put in a plug for Skip's Music here in Sacramento? Not only did I get help buying the product but wonderful one-on-one support in installing my recording software and advice on uploading my files. I've purchased Joe's guitars at Skip's and he takes lessons at the store, too. I'm a happy and satisfied customer.
Now if life can slow down a second I'll put all my new knowledge into practice (the Canadian in me wants to write "practise") and I'll record that missing audio audition!

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