Sunday, March 28, 2010

Fun and New Friends

Yes, RNP's are fun folk. Met Mary, Kathleen and Lisa and Lisa's husband Eric at recent trip to Las Vegas. I look OK here but I was not well much of the trip. Asthma - very terrible (on serious meds now) and much pain in neck and shoulder. Nonetheless, I had fun, fun, fun! In large part because of these delightful folk. The education was fine, good lectures and pretty good food for a conference. Controversial topics like the new pap guidelines. Faculty excellent though a lot of "MDeities". (Thank you Dr. Ray Henry for introducing me to that term. He, BTW, is definitely NOT! But, such a good friend and doc that maybe I'd have to put him up there for his qualities, not for lofty attitudes!)
At home and helped son Joe H. start a garden today. Fun to see Cal and Joe working together. Joe has some good soil in a raised bed and put in 3 tomato plants, a green bean and a cucumber plant and parsely and chives. He also added a few Marigolds. The rose bush at the front of his place that he pruned is full of nice glossy leaves. I like seeing his pride in the place he lives even if it is a rental. He gave me sad news that his roommate is having complications from his health problems. Please include Nick in your prayers.
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Bev said...

hi! i am taking picture spring, and saw your post on the blog roll..small world, i live in placerville! stop by my blog and say hello...