It would be better with pictures

Yes, I know, blog posts really need pictures to be good. However, I'm tired today. Though I may look around for an old photo to post just for the heck of it.

I did get some photos yesterday of the crop in Vacaville. Spent the day with May Flaum and some new friends. We had a productive day. I learned a few things but mainly just enjoyed being around some really nice folk who like doing the same hobby as I do.

I did have to lie down at one point to get the neck to stop spasming and did do some neck and back exercises and did not stay to the very end of the crop though I wanted to get more done.

The creative atmosphere was nice. Very low key. Most everything was just what I would expect but I was disappointed in the "raffle prize offerings". The commercial vendor prizes fine. Thumbs down for the ones from the crop organizers - they really should not have even bothered. But, that is not why I was there. In fact, I gave away some really good stuff to my new friends. (I like scrapbook RAKs.)

I got a mixed media book mostly done except for the journalling. Did add some touches today. Hope to get the mini-book done and take photos tomorrow.

Joe came over and helped clean up today. I really appreciate the lifting and bending he does 'cause I do find that challenging. At any rate it is tidier and nicer around here.
Found the photo to upload. This is the cover collage for my mini-album. Don't you love the little boy with his baguette? I love how it is almost as big as he is. Ahh, Paris - so much to love!

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May said...

Karen I LOVED spending the day with you. You are such a positive and wonderful person being around you is uplifting always - and you're always doing fun crafty things that inspire as well.

We'll have to get together again!!

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