Monday, March 1, 2010

Learning Curve & Bridge

Bridge - playing with the "Ladies" group tonight. I'll never be good. I'm not on a bridge curve, it's a bridge plateau. Friends in group tell me I'll be better if I play more. We shall see!
Now, using a microphone. That's another story. I got some great help tonight in setting up my new mike and recording program. Not that I'll be doing any fancy editting at this point; BUT, I think I'll try it.
Might be easier than learning to use the Wishblade and definitely easier than bridge.
May I put in a plug for Skip's Music here in Sacramento? Not only did I get help buying the product but wonderful one-on-one support in installing my recording software and advice on uploading my files. I've purchased Joe's guitars at Skip's and he takes lessons at the store, too. I'm a happy and satisfied customer.
Now if life can slow down a second I'll put all my new knowledge into practice (the Canadian in me wants to write "practise") and I'll record that missing audio audition!

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