Oh, no, how did I miss that

I am going through my photos as I prepare these blog posts and big slap to the forehead! I did not have my camera when I went through Bo-Bunny at CHA. I neglected to get back there to take pictures. At least, I have not located any so far.
I love that company and they have some good stuff! Visit their blog, please, and check it out scrapbookers. Really wonderful product!
OK, CHA is big; so, I'm not beating myself up. I certainly was trying to have fun, not work.Lots of lovely items there that will not make it to this blog. I'm trying to post some of my faves; though, clearly not all.
I was so happy to see the folk from My Green Tangerines at the show. Now, they did some serious buying to get the store re-opened and will carry lots of my favorites. I've got goosebumps just thinking of the retail therapy that is going to provide! Fellow fans of GT you'll be as pleased as I am!
Consumer show tomorrow which should be interesting following CHA. (I suspect GT may have bought up all the floor product of the new releases so not sure how much new product will be there.) Some product that came out just before CHA might be showing up.
I'm looking forward to the Fiskar's class and to the Scrapbook Royalty crop. I know those will be fun!

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Melissa said...

I really enjoyed scrolling through your blog and seeing some of the items at CHA - thanks for sharing! All that inspiration in one place makes me want to just go scrap a page! MelissaTX from BPS

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