Happy Valentine's Day

My Valentine's Day gift from Cal. We went to Ports and Chocolates at the Old Sugar Mill in Clarksburg yesterday. I'm not much of an alcohol drinker but I do like port when I have some. Cal bought these small bottles and the box of Valentine's truffles. Great chocolate from the chocolate shop right next door to us in Town and Country Village shopping center. Never went in there - now that we know how good the chocolate is I guess we'll have to stop by! Their web site also mentions European style gelato. Yum!!
We also had a decadent early dinner at Leatherby's. Probably do not have to eat for a week. The free rootbeer float had glacial sized amount of vanilla ice cream. Hmmm, must be the delightful warm weather this weekend that has me obsessed with ice cream?
Beautiful day! Spent the morning with Joe, Cathy and Amanda. Had a fun breakfast at Denny's. They brought us a pretty red tulip plant. The daffodils and apricot trees are blooming and we still have some pretty camellia flowers. I think I should post a few photos on FB.
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