Another LSS closing

Went to the SuperBowl Crop at Green Tangerines today. Feeling sad that they lost their lease this past Monday and will be closed the end of this month. They will still have the kit club and maintain their blog for now. We do have a few scrapbook stores in Elk Grove and Stockton but not as large and complete as GT was.
The other stores are farther away, too.
They had just placed some yummy orders from CHA, too. I was looking forward to all that new stuff. I always like to touch and see new products so despite everything being available on-line, it's not the same. M and J are good for some basics but who doesn't love those special companies.
The Paper Garden Boutique is not scrapbooks - but the cards and craft projects are wonderful and the classes great so I'll be directing more attention there. It's a fun place!
Not that I need more STUFF, LOL!!!!
I know I'm not alone in the "stuff" arena. It does take a lot to keep it all organized and I'm just starting to really get things in order around here. Funny how it is when work and sleep consume most all your time that a lot of other stuff slips. So even with a wonky left arm, I'm feeling like some progress is happening around the house. Have managed to create a few scrapbook pages and considering trying some of the delicious techniques like metal, clay and encaustic art that I tried out at CHA.
I read about the anacronym REST the other day - retired except for student teaching and feel that my sadness about not working is lifting. I'm happy to maintain that one professional role and have new life areas to explore. Still have some deadlines in my life but creativity seems a nice bit of life to explore.


Jessica said...

saw your comment on bakerella about cricut cakes.
my mom invented the idea behind this. her site is and she has a DVD where she shows how she does this...she's been doing it for about a year now using her cricut expressions. totally food safe, too. :)

Tona said...

I'm so sorry to hear that GT is closing. I was only able to go there once on my way home from CA last Oct. I loved that store & was planning on stopping there each time I was in CA. They aren't going to try to open up in another building? :(

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