Time for Scrapbooking and Crafts

The very cluttered and messy craft room/studio in near 360 view

March is hinting about spring, though I've not yet been to the mountains and the snow. I need to get some winter in, and if there are "stormless" days ahead, the snow should be delightful. You know that I like it in small doses.
Over at Get It Scrapped it's "Calvinball" time. People are striving to be productive and amass points in an ever changing rules environment with friendly SMACK talk, too. I only made a commitment to get more than 3 points this year. Yes, feeble-hearted on my part. One can get points for cleaning a scrap space, and that is a formidable task - I'll redeem my cowardice that way.
I had an excellent conference filled February where I met so many friendly people. Well, there was one inelegant guy at GreenBiz in Phoenix, but everyone else was delightful! I think most folks like others who are open and honest and I try hard to be that. Sometimes it takes time for people to learn. The universe knows that I've had to learn a lot.
This month is Craft Month, and that means it's time to work on projects. I got some great paints from a manufacturer while I was away and I'm contemplating using them for home decor projects. Those may need to be done this summer when the rain stops. It's so odd to say that, "after the rain stops." Rain is such a novelty after years with hardly any rain at all.
It was nice to begin and end February with my communities. I did learn so much at GreenBiz, but the craft world and my podcast peeps restore my soul!
I'm catching up with family now that I am back home. I have grand plans every morning to get stuff done, but I'm not making much progress. Today I cleaned up a corner of my very cluttered craft room/studio. I have done a few things related to the podcast; but, substantial things like taxes keep getting deferred. On the positive side, I am sticking with my diet and exercise program. I'd like to be more aggressive with that. However, I realize that any progress is good progress. So, I'm off to clean up another few square feet of the room and toss a load of laundry in the machine. My appointment for tomorrow is delayed until the afternoon, so I'll catch up a bit in the morning. I think I need to set goals for the next day each evening. It'll be my new resolution!

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