Reporting Back on A Creative Approach Podcast

It's live on iTunes! I am very excited that the podcast is finally there. I really enjoy the conversations and think you'll find them enjoyable and interesting, too. A brief intro and three shows are up now and the plan is to release a new episode every two weeks.
Taking a creative approach to solving life's problems, to enrich our lives, to give to others, to find our path is part of what both makes us unique individuals. The stories my guests relate tell us how they find their passion for creativity in their life and work.
Episode00 is a brief introduction.
Episode01 Finding the Creativity within with the effervescent Charr Crail
Episode02 with Cheryl Dyes Ashcraft gives us understanding of her approach to guide us in presenting our stories
Episode03 features Erin Manning a well known and beloved photographer who has found work by finding what she loves
Several more interviews have been recorded and are in the works.
Join me and and my guests as we explore their stories at A Creative Approach Podcast.


Laura said...

Congratulations on your new creative endeavor. I just added it to my podcasts app and look forward to checking it out. Happy new year! ~ Laura

Michelle Antunes said...

Karen, I am happy to find you have a podcast! I liked your contributions to the DigiScrap Geek podcast so much, and have missed listening. (The last episode didn't play right on my player or via website - was there an announcement about the ladies not podcasting anymore? Maybe you or Christy blogged about it - will go back and see.) I look forward to the sharing of wisdom on this new podcast - loading now!
Many blessings to you!

Karen Poirier-Brode said...

Thanks for the Podcast love!


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