A Little Time to Relax

A cup of tea always says "Relax" to me. This packet was in one of our Christmas gifts and was a delightful break in my day. 
Getting a podcast up, Christmas, Folk coming to visit and getting ready to leave town, recovering from surgery and an unexpected exacerbation of my neck problem have not been the most relaxing of times. You likely got exhausted just reading that last sentence!
Still, life is not bad and things look good for 2017. I'm a bit worried about the country with what might be a reactionary and inexperienced new administration; but, I live in California, and things here are very likely to stay much the same, and that's fine with me.
Right now, I'm working on the web page for my podcast. I'm directing folk on iTunes to my Libsyn show notes but soon will direct all the traffic to my official page. There are a lot of details that go into making the podcast a good experience. I'm enjoying the process and know it will all get better over time. Of course, one would like things to be perfect from the get-go; however, experience tells me that waiting for perfection means nothing gets done. 
Some waiting is not too bad. I've had a photo credit from a sale purchase at Persnickety Prints for several months. I finally decided to use it to catch up on my backlog of digital scrapbook pages. I'm delighted! These pages will be going into albums today.
Those are my plans with a relaxing cup of tea on this rainy Sunday afternoon.

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