Fast as a Speeding Bullet

I took over 500 images yesterday. At the end I turned the camera to auto and shot snapshots until my battery died. I tried to get great photos but realized I would need a lot more physical abilities and energy to keep up with a 2 year old. For now, I will refer to that lovable bundle of boyish energy as "the ricocheting bullet". I'm thinking maybe landscape photography is more my speed?
I have half a mind to just do a photo collage of all the great back of the head images I got in my efforts. I may really try it, just for fun. it would make a great scrapbook page.
I do love my little photo subject in so many ways and looking back at these photos makes me smile. One makes me laugh out loud. It's not the technical best but it's my favorite memory.
He been running around and choosing the plastic eggs filled with treats that his Mom had scattered on the grassy area near the picnic tables. He grew bored with that and ran over to check the geese by the pond. He then pointed to a curb-like area where the path moved to a different level, ran over and sat down with his hands in his lap. He leaned forward and started honking at the geese. It was a precious moment. Just a moment. For next thing you know, he was up and running with a stick he'd found slashing at plants and stopping and digging in the dirt.

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