Saturday, January 31, 2015

These turned out well

I think the room scene turned out best, though Eve is a fun piece. Definitely, that room scene is one of my favorite pieces from 2015. The wine bottle has a touch of Picasso inspiration and the setting is inspired by a Van Gogh room. That tile and my Dia de los Meurtos shrine, that I've posted before, are keepers. I like some of the drawings I've posted before, too. The egg still-life drawing and my fantasy landscape are two pieces I've had framed. You'll see that I have framed these ceramic pieces. I designed them with that in mind as it protects the edges. Maybe, I could some day do a whole series of tiles and set them in a wall. Wait, I will not fall into the trap of declaring a goal and not following through. I'll rephrase that to Maybe, I "might"...
Funny how I did not think I'd like ceramics. Too heavy for my arthritis. I just wanted to get the class behind me, in the event that I someday wanted credit for all my art time, like an AA degree. I did not realize how helpful everyone would be, nor how relaxing working with clay could be. 
Also, I've actually underestimated how teachable art skills really are. Sure, it helps to have talent, and we have Michelangelo and Picasso and all the other greats whose work we love.  Art is just so much more than great works. One can learn and build on skills and get great satisfaction from creating. I like arts and crafts but the discipline of fine arts oddly seems to be more free. I does surprise me that I actually really like some of the things I've created. I see in class how much my classmates and I have progressed. That is one of the fun pats of class, to see a teacher's reaction to work. Diane Richey-Ward is retiring and it's a shame for students, though wonderful for her. She gets so excited when she sees a student "get it". I'm sure I'll bask for weeks over her "That's a killer piece, Karen!" when she saw my contour drawing this past week. I hate that it's so early in the semester. It will be a let down if I don't get that response again. Just kidding, Diane! It is my second class with her and I know I'm getting better at drawing, I'm sure she'll note that. She's an excellent and encouraging teacher and loves to celebrate her student's successes. The thing is, I did learn something and I expect to learn more. My art will not make it to the Louvre, nor even grace all my kids' walls. It does not matter, even if its eventual fate is the trash bin. Ceramics is one medium, though, that has taught me the most. It's uncertainty and fragility, and yet its enduring permanence, has reinforced valuable lessons about art and life. Uncertainty, fragility, enjoying the moment, not knowing the outcome, joy in imperfection and meeting challenges, as my wonderful teacher, Linda Gelfman, says "Why not? Go for it." So many life lessons exist in approaching a lump of clay.
Not that fine art will lead me to give up playing with paper or to stop scrapbooking. A fun card, an interesting approach to story telling, a "hot-mess" art journal page all are fun for me, too. They are certainly more affordable. Though, with my stash of scrapbooking supplies that could be debatable; however, those supplies did help when I tried my hand at collage last year. That reminds me that I've yet to post my "Joys of Childhood" collage piece. That was a a great deal of work that I'm quite happy with. It's is a bit of a tribute to Joseph Cornell and Claudine Hellmuth. I know you are wondering about that combination. It was fun. Once I get some good photos of it, I'll post them.  A teaser, LOL!
Hope you are all having a wonderful day. I'm going to celebrate an adorable 2 year old's birthday this weekend. I'm so looking forward to seeing him. We are so fortunate to have some little ones in our family right now. I was going to go the the Crocker reception tonight to mark the start of the Toulouse -Lautrec exhibit; but, I fear it will be somewhat of a crush! The show will be here, in Sacramento,  a while and  the important thing is going to see it.
To art and life's joys! Talk with you again, later.

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