DIY Chalk Paint Table and Desk

The finished pieces a desk and table refinished with #DecoArtAmericanaDecorChalkPaint. The table DIY project was inspired by #MarkMontano.

I had found an inexpensive table at a thrift shop which had been badly refinished with red paint. As my son, Joe, said, "Whoever thought that you should paint an octagonal table with red paint? It looks like a STOP sign!"
After watching Mark Montano on You Tube I knew we could transform this table. 
Joe also wanted a desk and when I saw a pile of desk drawers and frame on a neighbor's yard with a large FREE sign on the tree behind the pile I figured the price was right. Got home and Cal took the truck around the corner and we loaded up the pieces.

The before photos of both are here:

A couple of screws were missing on the rails the drawers moved on, one desk had a corner piece broken off which the previous owner had thoughtfully masking taped into the drawer. Another drawer had fallen apart at the dove tails. And the surface had some deep gouges. A few screws, some wood filler, wood glue, rubber mallet and clamps and the structural integrity was restored. 

I know folk with a lot of time and energy want to restore wood finishes. We are more the quick and easy fix sort. We do like to do it right. While chalk pain adheres to any surface we needed to sand away some of the bad refinish edges and the wood filler patches.

The paint went on next

 Ranger Tim Holtz Adirondack Alcohol Inks in Slate, Silver and Black were used to change the hardware finish from the brass to antique silver.

Then a stencil treatment with one of the beautiful Americana Decor Stencils.

After all dried, Americana Decor Creme Wax was applied and Voila!

Comments: The paint is easy to use and the results are great. I hear that one coat of chalk paint is all you need but it must depend on the surface one paints. We needed more coats.  A 16 oz container of black paint was enough for a couple of coats on the desk and the stencil work. The stencil worked well but if you must have absolute precision of your edges I would advise a temporary spray adhesive to the back of the stencil. Even with careful dry brush application we got some tiny paint edge irregularity in places. We can live with it.

Thanks for the inspiration Mark!


S said...

Stunning results - kudos to you both on both of those.

Gail said...

Those turned out amazing!
If we pull stuff to the curb here, and put "FREE' on it, no one takes it.
You have to put a price???!!!
I guess people here need to think they're getting away with something!?

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