Big Picture and Studio Calico news

The story about #BigPictureClasses and #StudioCalico together was breaking news a few minutes ago. I am very interested since I've been a long time fan of #BPC.
See the news on their sites Big Picture Classes Blog and Studio Calico Blog
Clearly, classes can help sales and we have noticed several classes at big picture in the recent past have featured discounted Studio Calico kits. Now the companies are one.
Two Peas in a Bucket was a major "go to" site for folk interested in learning new techniques and new products and with it's demise I think there has been a bit of a hole in the scrap world as far as "Where do we find the latest and greatest?" One can wander all over You Tube and Pinterest but it's easy to get lost. Personally, I can get sucked down the rabbit hole of party planning, haul videos and scrap room tours, sometimes in horrified fascination. It's not particularly helpful for my productivity to do that. I like a more focused situation to help me choose what to watch.
Classes can help sales and likely the kits with classes trials made that clearer to Studio Calico.
I do believe telling our stories and the Maker culture are alive and well. Changes in companies to keep up with us and to stimulate new ideas and to explore new directions are very good for the craft industry.
I am excited to see what changes will happen in the classes offered at BPC and in the products offered by Studio Calico.

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Anonymous said...

You are so awesome. Yesterday was crazy (good) but crazy -- thank you for picking up on this news, sharing it and seeing it in the positive light that we intend and are working on.

We appreciate your support and enthusiasm so much, and I love your description of the Pinterest vortex that can suck productivity if you're not careful!

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