May means Spring is settled in

 Spring in California usually hints at its arrival in February. April and May see Spring in its glory. Cal's garden is getting underway and I think we'll get the young son, Joe, to plant one, too. With soaker hoses, even a drought should not be too adverse to growing our own fruits and veggies. Mulch is another word to which we have made a commitment. Not that I do much, but admire and make suggestions. I think the front yard looks pretty sad and may investigate some xeriscaping options since now is not a great time to put in a new lawn!
School is out. I have no idea, except for my intense curiosity, why I try to take classes. I'm glad they are over, though I really enjoyed them this time. Sometimes, by the end of the course, it just feels like the teacher, the class and the subject are done. Nice teachers, learned a lot. Art history was particularly interesting. So many contemporary artists that I need to learn about!
The warm weather is helping my joints and I'm learning to adjust to my new limitations. It's a balance between the desire to move and the realities of the consequences of moving too much. My body is far from spring though I think the mind is there.
Speaking of age, I've got to visit my elderly Mom. Always difficult to find the right time to travel. She's been feeling poorly and fell and broke some ribs just this past week. I hope she doesn't get pneumonia as I'm sure the injury impacts her breathing. I just adjusted my posture thinking about her and her health. If I'm still here in 20+ years I hope I'm in better shape than she is. Her health is of the reasons I'm working on my diet and exercise.

Spring means Mother's Day and I've had a lovely one that turned into more of a week than a day. I spent the actual day with my son and stepson Joe at Joe B's house. It was the grandson's birthday also so we had our party on!
Joe and Cathy gave me some lovely flowers and a journal.

I got to visit with my older son Chris and his family and Joe h again. Grandma Karen enjoyed that little grandson a lot.
I also got a darling Timmy bracelet with a Tardis and camera charm. So cute! I think I want that computer charm and am anxious to see what new charms they develop.

This past weekend Miss Madison and her Mom, Angie, had birthdays and we took the train to visit. The Capitol Corridor train is usually clean and efficient and quite relaxing. Always love the coast, too. So, a mini vacation and more wonderful Grandma time.

I hate teasers; yet, I'm going to leave you with one. I've been having some fun and should be able to let you know what's up in a few days. I don't feel too bad about the teaser since I should be able to announce the news soon.
Enjoy your spring.

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