Thursday, May 29, 2014

Learning Digi Scrapbooking

Learning digi scrapbooking, I have decided, is an important goal for me. I have purchased a minimum of a dozen classes in the past to try to do that. I did make some attempts at pages as I started to learn the Photoshop interface. At first, I tried Photoshop Elements. Quickly, I discovered that interface to be clunky and awkward for me. Though, it seemed easy enough when I took one or two introductory classes and the interface had a pleasant non intimidating appearance. However, there was always an instruction in those first few classes I took where I was told this step was not possible in the program, with PSE a work around was needed. Now, I understand that PSE has greatly improved and I did try PSE10 when it first came out. About that time, I realized I needed to know a lot more about art and design more than I needed a new tool and began classes in art fundamentals. Then I went on to learn a bit about color theory, photography, and design.
This year, though, I committed to learn the Photoshop program and am happy to report that I had that "Aha!" moment where it all jelled for me.
All those classes I signed up for that have been sitting on my computer just waiting for me are now being opened. I no longer turn them off in frustration after getting lost on the computer. I'm working with Photoshop Creative Cloud, and still have much to learn; but, it is now a tool I am comfortable using. It's not that difficult once one learns the basics of the application.
Will I give up paper? I'm tempted because of all the space it would save. Still, I'm a tactile girl and love playing with paper and punches, ribbons and glue, pain, etc. So, probably I will not.
I never was much one for sketches in paper scrapping but I love, love, love templates in Digi scrapping. It's so fun to play with digi products both to make the template me and to see how much like paper I can make the pages. I really like how easy it is to create and modify product in digi vs paper scrapbooking. Not that I'm so great at making stuff; but, it sure is fun!
I've posted my latest layouts in a few spots hoping for constructive feedback. I've gotten some positive feedback, which is good. I like clustering and layering as much in digi as in paper, I think. It's so nice how one can have just the right "punch" or "rubber stamp" in digi because of brushes.
Charr Crail has been a real inspiration for me and has made me love brushes. I am not sure how well I can hone my photography skills, I doubt I have the talent she does in that area; but, I think I can make the most of the photos I do have and I think I can do a lot with brushes. I'm also exploring not just brushes but blending and shadowing, too.
Some of you are rolling your eyes as I go on and on, but I think you know that when I get passionate about learning something, well, I get passionate!
Here are a few of the layouts I've made recently. Donna Jannuzzi's Stretch Your Sketch class at Big Picture Classes has been very motivating.

I have been doing a number of paper and other digital pages; but, those are for something special. You can look for them here later this year.
Meantime, I hope you are all enjoying your families and finding time to be creative, too.


Susanne said...

These are lovely pages - I enjoy working with sketches and Donna does a great job.

Sandy #1781 said...

These are great layouts Karen! It sounds like you've been having a great time learning.

Cindy deRosier said...

Gorgeous layouts! I'm glad to hear that you're using all the digi classes you've bought. I could never go digi- I spend too much time with a computer for work to want to use one for pleasure.

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