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I'm listening to CreativeLive about blogging because, quite frankly, it fell to the bottom of my priority list. Still a priority; (obviously, or I wouldn't be listening to the seminar, LOL!), though lower on my list than a few other things. My health is a challenge, though it's day-by-day. The warm weather helps the arthritis quite a bit, making pain less of a factor to deal with now that we are well into spring. Too bad winter was not very wet.
Yes, here we are well into a Sacramento spring with a hint that pool weather is on its way. I think moving in a warm pool is a good idea for exercise. In a related topic - I'm maintaining my weight loss. Still want to lose another 20 pounds. Not sure how well I'll do at managing that goal. Still,  I'm happy maintaining the current weight loss.
So, what are some current interests?
Anthropology. Yes, anthropology! I love how it brings together my interests in art and science. Genetics, fossils, artifacts all intrigue me though the idea of digging in the dirt does not. So glad others like to do that!
I'm feeling good about my basic photoshop skills. I've a long way to go to really be able to create the scrapbook pages and layout designs I aspire to make. Yet, I have a very comfortable feeling about doing things in the program and plan to look at some classes to see how others put together scrapbook pages and do some class practice. I think that getting in there and trying things will really help me with my own page design.
I'm still a big fan of Coursera.org and I do like CreativeLive, though it is hard to match my schedule and their programming. I'm so glad these are available at the best cost - meaning free, of course. It's such a thrill for me to learn new facts or even better to get a new perspective on information.
Feeling good about getting back to blogging. It's a lot more fun than writing papers for classes. Learning the info is good; actual term papers, a little less so.
Here's a recent scrapbook page I've worked on as I try to master my Photoshop skills.

Template from Get It Scrapped, template archives for members http://masterfulscrapbookdesign.com, made by Anna Aspnes and products from Dream Kit at Pixels and Co http://pixelsandcompany.com/blog/.

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Cindy deRosier said...

Beautiful page! I listened to the CreativeLive blogging show yesterday too, and bits and pieces of it Thurs and Fri. Very informative! I'm going to be in the studio audience for Lain's workshop on 5/19 and 5/20 and I am so excited!

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