Thoughts before Day 2 CHA

 I was really tired, I slept in. So, just a few notes. Last night at the International Group  reception several manufacturers were featured and I did take photos and gather info for later posts. General themes are details. The embellishments I saw were either intricate dies or detailed art for embellishments. Texture is big in Europe as it is here. I know I was going to look for techniques yesterday and layering and texture are both obvious. I've mentioned the use of bright clear pigments being featured and fabric and layers. Excited to see what becomes obvious as I explore more booths in detail today. For those of you who love vintage there still are some muted and distressed lines and the pastels are around and could work well with your style, though many pastels are in the more contemporary designs. I promise to look at as much as I can.
As many of you are aware, I adore fashion. I shopped my closet for trends before I came here. I'm also going to see what influences are translated. Some may be curious to what current trends I picked. The main themes for me were skinny jeans, op art, metallics, glitter and tribal. (Bummer that I lost a cool op art earring yesterday, a turquoise feather with a black and white spotted feather on top.) Sketchy hand drawn graphics, radiant orchid as well as some violet, cobalt blue, pleats and peplums pretty much rounded out my choices. Some of these like peplums may be on the way out for the more fashion forward crowd but some ideas are very solid for 2014. Of course, crafts are a little slower on trends, some don't translate well to paper and seasonal influences are stronger in crafts. Some trends don't easily translate well to certain segments of the market. So, trends is part of my mission today, too!

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