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Yes, classes today on some of the themes I have been discussing. I need to go back to Spellbinders today and Get a better FB photo of Alison Kreft's line for Echo Park. Have the trusty DSLR with me but no computer. Hope you have all been checking out my iPhone photos on Facebook.
The Gala was a splendid event with lots of tributes to the pioneers of the craft industry. Crafters have lots of fun but are extremely caring and generous folk and that was honored, too.
So, I start today hoping to learn a lot and eager to fill the time between classes with exploring the show floor. I will continue to look for the popular themes and techniques of 2014 crafting. Feel free to ask questions here or personal message me on Facebook if you want some specific topic investigated.
I've got a breakfast date in an hour with a good friend and must be off. That's another great thing about the craft industry -friendships! I believe this is the 11th show I have attended. I started CHA shows in Orlando when Fiskars was celebrating its 360th Birthday. 365 years old this year. They are constantly innovating. It's always fun to check out their product line. Another photo spot today I think.
So people to see and places to go! I'll do my best to keep you informed.

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Cindy deRosier said...

I've enjoyed following your CHA posts and look forward to more! I'm definitely interested in what trends you see. I'm also interested in hearing where the crowds are (besides flocking around Tim Holtz, as that's a given...). Did DCWV do an impressive booth this year? I'd love to see it. Any absolutely amazing booths?

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